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Past Life Analysis with Tarot Cards

Past Life Analysis with Tarot Cards: An Insight

Tarot cards are believed to give a glimpse of one’s past life. People have claimed to recover memories of a prior life through the help of tarot cards. There even have been tales of people in this current life believed to be a reincarnation of other people who died earlier. Through tarot cards, people have been said to recall vivid details about their past life and death. A tarot deck is a strong tool for one who is interested in the idea of exploring past lives. The following are facts that will interest you when it comes to the use of tarot cards for past life analysis:


Tarot secret teaching of reincarnation

Reincarnation has been for a long time one of the hidden teachings of esoteric tarots. Many writers over the years have equaled the fool with themes of rebirth, death, and life. Kabbalistic systems mostly equal the Kether with Fool. Kether is known as the source of life and the crown.


Caution gentle words when using tarot for past life analysis

The following cautions need to be in mind for one who plans to use tarot as part of an effort to see into past lives:

  • Exploration of past life is a serious venture. Attempts to look into past lives should not be seen as a light thing. One should only proceed with this venture if he/she feels a compelling feeling to connect with a past self.
  • Past lives are not all pleasant. Past repressed memories are buried for a reason. Thus, you don’t know the outcome of a glimpse of your past life.
  • Past life often does not become visible on demand. Thus, you may want to explore a specific incarnation resulting from meditative regression or dream work. One should be open to whatever insights that may occur.
  • One should know that not everyone can be a great figure in the past life. The insights you get, whether great or small, are both important.


The process of stepping back for past life analysis with tarot

This is a simple but powerful process of checking a prior existence. It is recommended that one pursue this process if he/she has around a minimum of one hour as one rushing through will end up neglecting some steps. One should know that every step has important insights.


Step one: Preparation

One should get ready for this reading centering and grounding oneself using any tradition he/she honors. Turn off any distractions which may include televisions, telephones, and cell phones. One should do all he/she can to avoid any interruptions during this process. Any setting can be used to undertake the experiment; however, one may find it useful to play meditative music, burn incense, light candles, or dim the lights. You should feel safe, empowered, and protected.

Step two: Fool meditation

From any deck of tarots you prefer, get out the Fool or its equivalent. Pick the card in both of your hands and focus on it. You should ensure that you are seated comfortably, and your mind should be clear. In case any distractions occur, acknowledge them and say to yourself that you will deal with them later. You then get your focus back to the card. With time, your eyes will start to get heavy as your focus softens. Allow your eyes to close when this happens but maintain the Fool’s image in your mind. Think of the card’s image as a film playing backward, and when you feel ready to prompt the inner, you play the card film in reverse. Keep the focus of your inner eye on the Fool image until it fades slowly to black.

Step three: The reading

Please open your eyes gently put the Fool in the tarot cards and shuffle them. At the top, put 8 tarot cards into an upright column: 3 cards on top, 2 crossed cards in the middle, and 3 cards below.

    • Card 1 (your gender):

      This tarot card holds the clues of your gender in a past life. Do not focus too much on the gender of the image character on the card. Although this may be the gender of your past life, the question you should ask yourself is what gender the tarot card makes you feel symbolical.

    • Card 2 (your family):

    • This card shows something of importance in the family you were born into in the past life. The 10 cups may suggest a loving, large, and happy environment. The Justice Tarot card may suggest a sterile and strict environment where following rules is more important than freedom. The 8 of Cups may point out that something was missing in your family environment. This may be a missing parent or that you were the only child.

    • Card 3 (personality/identity): This tarot card gives insight into your core personality during your past life. A major in this position shows a belief or behavior that dominated during that past life.
    • Cards 4 and 5 (critical situation): These cards give a brief snapshot of a critical situation that manifested itself during your previous life. The two cards represent two forces, energies, or people whose interactions brought about life-changing dimensions.
    • Card 6 (response): This tarot card represents all the responses you made from the critical situation in cards 4 and 5. One of the tarot cards here is the devil.
    • Card 7 (life lesson): This tarot card represents the life lessons you learned through your past life. It may also touch on some critical situations brought about by the crisis of cards 4 and 5. One of the tarot cards in this category is the tower.
    • Card 8 (present life influence): This card shows how your handling of situations in your past life has impacted how you react and handle your current situations in the present life.

Step Four: Follow-Up

It is one thing to know about your past life; however, knowing how to handle this information to bring about positive growth and change is another issue. Once the revelations of this reading have genuinely opened to you, please take all the tarot cards, shuffle them afresh, and draw 3 new cards, putting them in a horizontal line.

Card 1 (honoring the past): This work shows what you can presently do as a way of acknowledging the past work that you performed. You may be prompted to offer a prayer for the person you were by the Four of Swords or make a libation to recognize a former self by the Star card.

Card 2 (wisdom put to work): This card shows how you can use your past life experiences to favor today’s life. For example, if you discover that you were a successful craftsman in your past life, then if you pull a card of eight coins, it might encourage you to pursue something similar in your current life.

Card 3(looking forward): To reconnect with your past life can be an exciting experience, but there is still a lot that needs to be learned in this present life. This card gives a hint about an issue in your current life that needs attention. For example, Hierophant drawing may motivate you to seek out more time for spiritual growth. Thinking about how this card may help build one’s current life and its connection to the past life may be enlightening and satisfying.

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