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Eight Of Cups: Sacrifice And Independence

Eight Of Cups Meaning

You have to learn how to influence your decisions and do something that will change your plans positively. The eight cups require that you make some sacrifices to reach where you want. But eight of the cups reversed suggest that without making any slight effort, you will not assume the right things in life. All these are working against the willingness to share and have good things in your stock.


The eight cups upright encourage you to be independent and do something that you are sure is helping you achieve your objective. Be open to ideas that are genuinely in line with your purpose in life. Nothing easy can occur when your strategies are not working properly. So, sacrifices si what is leading the pace of making the right decisions. Good resolution is what will be laying a solid.

Eight Of Goblets Love

It’s an important factor when making life more relevant and leading the line to abide by great allocations of resources. Besides, the Eight of Cups career is there to elevate your work to another level. So, learn to eject anything that is not in your line of work. Go for something that promises you the right things in your struggles. Yes or no, the eight of cups will show you the broad side of making sure you are an independent-minded person.


Additionally, the eight of cups tarot guide is something crucial in making life more flexible. It has to include your effort from other things that will lead to success. Also, the eight of cups meaning will provide the important message that will help you make strides on the right side of life. Learn to go by what attracts the right people in your circle. You don’t have to live loneliness peak your thoughts.

Eight Of Chalice Tarot Card

The card provides the crucial explanation of differentiating the good and bad from the upright and reversed cards. They are good at explaining what happens when you spot them. The eight cups on the future are leaning toward something that has an impact on your future. At the same time, the eight cups’ symbolism provides the reality of what happens to these cards and the interpretation. Equipping yourself with something will inspire you to move to a different level of life.


Eight of Cups Meaning In A Tarot Reading

The Eight of Cups tarot card represents a period in the Minor Arcana when our own things have wound up owning us.

We have grown unsatisfied with our progress, with our goals, and feel the need to escape the gilded cage we’ve built. All of our accomplishments have finally amounted to nothing, leaving us emotionally unfulfilled.



Loneliness • Sacrifice • Withdrawal • Weariness • Abandonment • Independence • Cycles

Eight of Cups Tarot Card Meanings – Upright

The Eight of Cups appears in the tarot reading, reflecting your lack of satisfaction with life and all we’ve obtained.

This card will often appear when we are ready to abandon the rat race and head for the hills. Yet, through all we’ve accomplished, we are left with the feeling that the only route left is escape.

eight of cupsEight of Cups upright corresponds to some change in your outlook. You would be able to let go of some strings of the past which have turned outdated at present. So, this card signals a turning point in your life.

As this is the time to move forward in life, you should evaluate your current scenario and then decide accordingly. At times, however, you may feel a bit down as you realize that you have made a wrong move.

Nevertheless, you will realize that things aren’t always what they seem from the outside. Thus you would be able to shun situations and things that no longer work for you.

Past Events:

A deep dissatisfaction has been upon you, every piece of the thing you have accomplished serving to remind you that it just hasn’t been as fulfilling as you’ve hoped. You’ve been escaping in any small way you could find, but none of it has set you free.

Present Events:

Ennui is your greatest enemy, boredom, and malaise. Nothing satisfies, and all that you’ve built is just a testament to futility. This is often the result of having given too much of yourself.

The feeling you’re experiencing is that of burnout. You’ll need to spend time in rest and repose before you can successfully move on.

Future Events:

You’re trucking along powerfully right now, giving everything you can to your current projects. But be warned, with the engine burning full steam, you’re heading towards a massive blow-out. So take some time for yourself before it’s too late.

Yes, No Interpretation for Eight of Cups Upright:

No, now is not the time to move forward. Instead, you should take time to repose and let this situation rest before trying to approach it again.

Eight of Cups Tarot Card Meanings – Reversed

The Eight of Cups reversed represents a desire to explore new options and new choices, but you are filled with confusion about which options are the best for you.eight of cups reversed

There is a hopelessness about you, an aimlessness that leaves you feeling like a bit of an outcast. So, although you aren’t facing your troubles, you hide in every available escape.

Eight of Cups in the reversed position symbolizes impatience and haste. You tend to come out of your cocoon of security to pursue an impossible dream of yours.

You have high flights of imagination and boast of the ability to take risks. However, you tend to live under threats and refuse to admit negative circumstances. Also, you are likely to put restraints on your path of following your dreams.

You often persuade yourself to stay happy with whatever you have rather than asking for more. All this adds up to refusing the happiness that would have come to you otherwise.

Past Events:

An aimlessness has been upon you, and because of that, you’ve been spinning your wheel for a good long while. A lack of connection to your goals has made the last few months utterly without progress.

Present Events:

You’ve been plagued with a lot of confusion and aimlessness, not knowing what you want to do with your life or which of your many options you should take. Rather than thinking about them, you’ve been hiding. Get your head out of the ground!

Future Events:

You’re avoiding dealing with the issues that are currently ahead of you. You still have time. But with your current course of action, you’re going to wind up burying your head in the sand, overwhelmed by the options in front of you. Take action now to prevent this eventuality.

Yes No Interpretation for Eight of Cups Reversed

Yes, you need to pull your head out of the ground and move forward. However, there are options ahead of you, and you should take them!


If you dream of making a great future, Eight Cups requires that you make sacrifices to help you later. So, you have to be correct as you make good choices and attract your success closer. Let in ideas that you are sure are rejuvenating and will create many things on your side. Go beyond the limiting factors.

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