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Three Of Swords – Meanings: Affection Intelligence

Three of Swords Meaning In A Tarot Reading

You are interested in understanding the meaning and interpretation of the three of swords tarot. You will find all you need as you keep reading. This is one of the most clearly pictured cards in the Minor Arcana. This card piercing a suspended heart against a stormy sky. The pierced heart is a common symbol, representing every spectrum of emotion from pain to felt love deeply. But the swords represent violence and painful truth, intellect can bring to the hearts realm. The cold rain falling in the background represents sorrow.

Three of Swords Tarot Card Meanings


three of swordsThe Swords card represents all the negative parts of love. Rejection, sorrow, betrayal, loss, and the utter shattering of our world and its expectations. At its best, this tarot card is a warning sign showing us the dangers of our current path. At its worst, it is showing us the inevitable events about to unfold. The only positive to be found within this is the hidden meaning of the swords. Understanding that sorrow is a necessary part of the path of life will allow us to soothe the pain and move forward, appreciating the lessons learned and the good times preceding the loss.

Three of Sword Symbolic Meaning

What does three of swords symbolism mean? It would be excellent to learn to be more affectionate with others. You can do this by adding some gestures and sweet words as you relate to them. Indeed being an affection intelligent person may not be spontaneous, but it is a stepping stone to being more affectionate.

The three of swords meaning signifies that it would be excellent to boost your interaction and affection with others by giving others full attention. For example, please avoid using your phone when you are together and maintain eye contact throughout. Be in the conversation, get involved, and be attentive.

Three of Swords Love Meaning

The three of swords reversed shows that it would be excellent care for the needy and anticipate their needs. It could be they need counseling, some acts of kindness, gifts, etc. Also, treat others with respect, love, and affection to offer a wide range of benefits to them. For instance, showing affection will boost the immune system, lower stress levels and lower blood, and improves their general wellbeing.

The three of swords future meaning urges you to express your genuine feelings to the other person, not just mere feelings. For instance, you can send them a love letter or a sweet text message, hug them or support them in completing some tasks. Be there for others when they experience a terrible day or when everything seems to be going wrong.

Career Guidance

The three of swords tarot guide indicates that no one was born an affection guru, but it is never too late nor too early to learn a skill or two to be more affectionate. Indeed some people are more affectionate than others, and it would be excellent to surround yourself with guys who have mastered the affection skills.

Three of Swords Meaning – Upright

This tarot card reminds you that in the busy lifestyle of the twenty-first century, it may be easy to be carried away by tight schedules and forget to create time to bond with friends or loved ones. However, it would be best to allocate time to be with others no matter how busy you may be. Indeed giving them your time is a meaningful way to show that you really care.

Again the three of swords yes or no meaning tells you to proceed to resolve any differences or disputes with your loved one or friends as soon as possible. If you cannot reconcile one on one, find someone to mediate with and maintain a positive relationship. At times you need to swallow your pride and apologize, even if it’s the other party who wronged you.

Past Events:

A painful loss has just occurred in your life, and the ache of it stays with you. The circumstances surrounding the basis of this choice could have been difficult, or it may have been the unavoidable loss of a loved one. Either way, with this tarot card in your past, it’s time to begin the healing process.

Present Events:

You are in a situation that has you in turmoil. Still, with a simple realignment of view on the situation, you can find yourself appreciating the situation for the learning experience it is. It’s time to remove the blindfold and take in the lesson that life is trying to teach you.

Future Events:

Down the road, you will find a situation arriving that will be difficult. It will be a time that will fill you with disappointment and regret and may result in someone trying to betray you. At this time, the best thing you can do is enjoy the time between now and the event and then embrace it as part of life’s necessary changes.

Yes/No Interpretations: 

The answer here, especially in situations of love, is No.  There is nothing good down the path you walk or would like to walk.  The Three of Swords is a Minor Arcana that speaks of pain, heartache, and sorrow.

Three of Swords Tarot Card Meanings – Reversed


three of swords reversed

Past Events:

You have dealt with a loss that cannot be avoided, but with this tarot card in your past, you are thankfully on the mend. Their loss will always be with you, but the pain itself will dull, and the emptiness heal. Things are already easier, and they will continue to get easier.

Present Events:

This tarot swords card in this position indicates that you are going through a difficult time or are about to. The energy of the sorrow of this card surrounds you. It could mean that a relationship is about to separate or that someone who is sick is coming to the end of their road. The best you can do is prepare yourself to deal with this blow and appreciate the lessons it brings with it.

Future Events:

With the way things are currently going, there is a loss in your future. Pain will be coming. If you have a sick loved one, it’s time to start saying your goodbyes, or the relationship you’re currently a part of will not recover on its current path. There may be nothing you can do about this, but for now, there may still be time.

Yes/No Interpretations:

If your question is about loss, the answer is Yes.  If you are asking if your love is going to last, the answer is No.  Overall the Three of Swords is a negative card, there is precious little in this Minor Arcana that gives positive meanings.


The three of swords meaning signifies that it would be excellent to boost your interaction and affection with others and pay full attention.

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