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Seven Of Swords: Show Courage And Determination

Seven Of Swords Meaning

Nothing can surpass the willingness and determination to achieve something you treasure. So, seven of Swords is administering something special for you. You have to add a little bit of courage and passion to witness improvement. The nature of your hard work will prove to be important when you have the inner force that is culminating o good things in life.


Moreover, the seven swords reversed come with the message of getting everything right and knowing your strength. You have to utilize any chance that you are sure will be helping to come up with good resolutions. Serve your mission well and be consistent in your actions. Nothing should block you from enriching your thoughts well. I will help you in making strides perfectly.

Seven Of Swords Symbolism

When you can predict your progress, it makes more sense as you face off with any challenge on your way. Look for goals that are opening avenues and will help you in making the right success. Be persistent and calm as you merge your ideas with people with whom you share a common goal. You don’t have to think of giving up on your objectives. It may hurt you more.


Also, seven of Swords Love asks you to commit yourself to achieving love and restoration in your life. Nothing should be preventing you from arriving at a good conclusion and seeking justice. Be calm when situations are not favorable as you seek correction and remedies for your problems. Be sure to let your ambitions do better on your side as you aim to elevate yourself.

Seven Of Swords Career

Linking your success to something important is what matters in your life. You have to keep showing determination and courage despite the challenges that you face. So, be aggressive as you look for something educative and learn new skills from all the situations. Good character can help you in merging with ideas that brighten your future. Let your goals be the guiding points.


However, the seven of swords, yes or no, is looking at your choices from a positive view. So you have to give yourself the go-ahead signal since you are leading a race for success from the card. It’s good that you remain true to yourself and let a good chance come your way. Be ready in mind and do something that will change other people’s perceptions of you.

Seven Of Swords Tarot Card

The tarot card is something special and can help you in mining for something crucial in your path. Of course, the upright and reversed meanings will help you to know the direction that will favor what you are doing to eliminate anything that is not working for you. Never think of letting past mistakes control your thoughts and actions.


Additionally, the seven swords on the future culminate with the image of finding something important in making sure you accomplish your goals. So, you have to be open to workable ideas and help you make life more flexible. Set targets that you are capable of achieving. But seven of swords tarot guide will be the opportunity to forecast good routines. Lastly, the seven swords’ symbolic meaning shows the path that you can follow to achieve goodies.

Seven of Swords Meaning In A Tarot Reading

The Seven of Swords tarot card indicates the overly clever one. The heart of betrayal and deception lay within its imagery and the deliberate hiding of an act.

Within this card’s imagery, we can see over-confidence and absolute surety of having gotten away with this act we’ve set about. It is full of bad portents, the indicator that the deceiver will be revealed, and the thief will be caught.

Seven of Swords Tarot Card Meanings – Upright


seven of swordsThe Seven of Swords represents the most important of all questions in the life of the deceiver, the thief.  “Will I get away with it?” This card often appears to represent overconfidence when we think we’re incredibly clever.

It, unfortunately, represents that time when we’ve given ourselves just enough rope to hang ourselves with. We may think we’ve gotten away with it for a while, but this herald of the Minor Arcana will catch up with us.

Past Events:

What did you do, my sneaky little compatriot? Whatever it is, it’s not over yet. You may think your act has gone unnoticed, but this is far from the truth. Prepare yourself for your comeuppance; your past is about to catch up with you.

Present Events:

Whatever it is you are currently considering doing, stop. You may think there is a way to get away with it; you may even think you’re clever enough to pull it off.

All you can do at this point is be thankful this card arrived to warn you against your current course of action. Stay on the straight and narrow; there’s a speed trap ahead.

Future Events:

Temptation lies ahead; sometime in the next few months, you will find yourself presented with an opportunity that will appear to benefit you greatly. This couldn’t be further from the truth, not in the long run.

Avoid this temptation when it arrives; no matter how much of a sure thing it seems, the concerns the one presenting it is trying to minimize are exactly the results you can expect.

Yes/No Interpretations:

If the question is “Am I going to get away with this?” the answer is a solid no.  This Minor Arcana calls for caution in your current endeavors and warns you away from trying to succeed at being duplicitous.

Seven of Swords Tarot Card Meanings – Reversed


seven of swords reversedIn the inverted orientation, the seven swords represent a challenge placed before you and a significant transitory time in your life. You are currently being held back, hesitating to take that next big step into the future.

Do not be afraid to make the changes you want to make. This is an opportunity to change the way you think and release yourself from the past. In this position, the tarot card is all about blockages.

Past Events:

You’ve been struggling over the past few months with an unsettling situation. An affair may have lost its fire, and your guilt may have caught up with you.

The changes necessary to move beyond the problems in your life may seem too much. This tarot card represents that you’ve been in a place of stagnation for a goodly long while.

Present Events:

It’s time; it’s ok. You’ve got what it takes to move beyond this barrier and more than enough ability to break through the challenges that face you. I know it’s scary, but what lies beyond is so much greater than the stagnation you find yourself living in now. Take a deep breath, muster your courage, and move forward.

Future Events:

You’ve been moving along so well, growing and progressing, but there is a daunting cliff coming up ahead. You can scale it; you have the skills and equipment, but you need to carry you over are courage and determination.

Yes/No Interpretation: 

Yes!  Go!  This Minor Arcana tells you it’s time to move forward with your life and get over your fears.  It’s an excellent time to overcome your fears and take that next risk you’ve been avoiding.  This time around, it’ll pay off!


Once you understand what you are aiming at in your life, you will go the extra space to gain what you want when you see seven swords. But you have to show determination and power to accomplish your success. Nothing should be a barrier to your goals. Be courageous and invert those thoughts that are helping you achieve greatness.

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