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Mars In 2nd House Meaning And Significance

Mars in the Second House of the Natal Chart

What does Mars in the 2nd house mean? These people are very perfect about everything they do.

2nd House Also Known As: House Of Possessions

Ruling Planet: Venus

Ruling Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Mars In 2nd House Celebrities: Will Smith, Michael Jordan, Sting, Bob Dylan, Cher, Princess Stephanie of Monaco

Positive Keywords for Mars in 2nd House: Meticulous, Hard-Working, Serious, Careful, Patient, Aesthetic

Shadow Keywords for Mars in 2nd House: Materialistic, Frugal, Rigid, Possessive, Meddling, Stubborn


Mars In Second House: Personality Traits

With Mars in the 2nd house, meaning shows that you’re a hard worker. You take things slow to ensure they are done right the first time. You are meticulous and enjoy the process of new and useful. You don’t like to be pushed or rushed by anyone, especially at your job.


You take your efforts toward everything very seriously, whether it’s for your career or doing something for family or friends. Material possessions are also important to you as you feel the need to create a cozy and comfortable environment for all you do in life. You love beauty and aesthetically pleasing things, which is your only weakness when it comes to spending money.

The Mars In 2nd House

Mars In 2nd House: Positive Traits

Your strong work ethic comes from the fiery Mars, which allows you to not only start strong but finish strong also. You see everything through to the end and make sure each point in the process is done correctly and efficiently. This means you work better on your own, so you can control every aspect of the project on which you’re working.

But if you do have to work with a group of people, make sure to listen to their concerns and ideas. Utilize your patience and wisdom to take in what others have to say. You may learn of a better way to do things and improve upon your own efficient methods.


The Mars in second house astrology predicts that you have very strong convictions and will defend them to the end. This can be a good thing or a bad thing. As long as you don’t let them run your life and allow yourself to have fun once in a while you will lead a happy, healthy life.


Mars In 2nd House: Negative Traits

Normally Mars in the 2nd house personality are frugal and careful with their finances. But you can’t pass up a lovely work of art or stylish accessories. This is where you rationalize your spending habits as creating something more pleasing for you and everyone around you.

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Just be careful to avoid becoming possessive of these things, or the people in your life for that matter. Because you believe you know best, you tend to meddle in other people’s lives when they don’t ask you to.


Take the time you need to recharge and come back even stronger. While you hate taking breaks, it’s necessary to ensure you don’t burn yourself out on trivial matters.


Try to put your stubborn nature aside when working with others, as this will help to speed up the process. (After all, Taurus is your ruling zodiac sign!). While you think you’re being cautious, others might assess the situation as unnecessarily slow or tedious. Your stamina is incredible, but it’s not always needed if you can do the job faster.


The effects of Mars in the 2nd house is such that you become frustrated with the way things are going at times. Remember to get out once in a while and enjoy nature. You rely on all five senses to experience the world and all its beauty. So get outside and breathe in all the joy and wonder around you.


You are a very physical person with a lot of energy, so try not to get caught up in work or stress-related situations.  Your sense of self-worth is heavily tied to achieving your goals, and you normally have no problem with that. Just make sure to use your tenacity toward fun and recreation as much as you do toward your work and career milestones.

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