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Application Of Numerology In Daily Life


In this world, everything is connected. Circumstances are not always coincidental, like frequent sightings of a series of numbers or just a particular number. When it occurs more than twice, then it has a significant meaning. Exploration of the numerology application in daily life will help you understand the logic behind it all to a large extent.

Numerology is a belief in the magical relationships of numbers appearing twice in an event. Then again, numbers are everywhere you turn, from the watch used, money, addresses, and even phone numbers. Your life path number is, however, the most significant number in your numerology. It is considered so because it shows all your success, challenges, and lessons you will go through in your life.


The numerology chart gives a complete idea about the likelihood from the scopes aspect.

Likelihood can be prepared for in that the event can be controlled to change course.

At the end of the day, likelihood is way better than the certainty of something happening.


  • Numerology connection with spiritual beings

For obvious reasons, communication between the spirit angels and us is not all that smooth. That does not mean we cannot communicate; the spirit angels try to communicate with us in so many ways. If not keen, you might miss the signs, which include;


  1. The appearance of the same numbers over and over mostly daily.
  2. The random appearance of feathers on the road, on your desk or at your workstation

The message might not be in black and white, but acknowledging the spirit’s presence and accepting the token ensures the message is revealed to you without much difficulty. Show some gratitude to the spirits just by whispering a simple ‘thank you.”


  • Taking life changing steps

Using your life path number, you can make a big decision. Not only the digit on the life path number but also a number that frequently appears to you.

Note the little thing that happens while seeing the numerology application in daily life. Like, where the numbers at, maybe at your workplace. If they are seen mostly at your home, it might be a message of good fortune dawning on you and your family.

If the sign and numbers show up at the workplace, it only means you are heading in the right direction. Carry on doing what you are doing as you wait for the fruits of your labor.

Thank the angel spirits as you wait for them to reveal the message.  Never dismiss a number or a sign that keeps coming your way. Ignoring it may as well be letting go of a life-changing message.

  • Understanding your surrounding

Ones surrounding consist of many things, mostly humans. Understanding them is the easiest way to live with them in peace.

Know someone else’s life path number is a good start to understanding them without necessarily having them tell you about it.

Having a number appears to you on several occasions, but it does not have any meaning since it’s not a favorite number or a life path number. It so happens that when the number appears, then you might have someone in your mind. It is just an easier way to say that the person means a lot to you, maybe the feeling could be mutual, and they are thinking of you too at that particular moment.

It is a great way of strengthening relationships since the universe may communicate more about the relationship. Some find communication difficult due to human fears, making the approach a bit confusing.

It is a great tool regarding love, hope, and healing in humans when relating with those around us proves difficult.

The positioning of the planets when one is born can signal the type of impact they will have on a person’s lifespan.

A person’s birth chart number is what appears while having an astrology report. If the number keeps on coming back, consider going back to your reference table. In most cases, the number points to experiences that have not happened but can occur very soon.

Example: seeing your favorite number appear in any of the twelve houses in the chart. If you keep wondering why that number or sign appears, then go back to the graph, you will see a thing like “Mercury in Capricorn 12.”

Mercury is the message. Capricorn is a successful horse.

The astrology report will give an idea of what Mercury in Capricorn, or the unique aspect to you, is all about.

Take the interpretation, take great note that this is where your life path number appears, and apply it accordingly.

  • Connecting to people.

This connection applies not only to people you already know but also to those you have not met.

Seeing the same number or the same signs repeatedly can be some clue. Use these signs to connect to someone. Most choose to log in to those they already know since it’s much easier.

When the signs happen, a particular person comes to mind. You might have met once or twice, but be guaranteed that you will either meet or be hearing from that soon, very soon. It might be a friend, a relative or even a soul mate.

Show gratitude to the angels and spirits for the message, and patiently wait for the news in store for you.

For an unknown person, request for the number and signs more often. Always be thankful for what they reveal to you as you await a new experience with the familiar stranger.

  • Knowing about the future.

With experience in numerology application in daily life, one can easily predict the future that. It can tell what would happen to a person at a particular time, e.g., when you will find love, heartbreak, happiness, sadness, etc.

Bet, you would want to know something about the future you are looking forward towards.

When the signs are read right then, someone can change the direction their life is taking.

Numerology provides a connection to face the future prepared for it in a much better perspective, without disturbing the calculated likelihood. Knowing what the future holds has both good and bad sides to it. You will be left with a choice to make;

Letting the future unfold accordingly without having to alter it

– OR –

Changing a moment and losing all the knowledge from the future.

7)  Numerology showcases human emotions.

Its vibrations are present not only in your environment but in other people’s environments as well.

It reveals desires, perspective, and other human emotions. After years of the case study, a paragraph sums it up.

It neither compels nor forces one to use the information acquired in your chart.

Numerology calculations reveal tendencies, not commands.

Most people have trusted numerology. It does not require belief to exist as much as it is in full operation and currently in practice. We should be cautious when using it. Misread signs and numbers can cause havoc. It can be used to predict likelihood but not a certainty. Although the rate of numerology accuracy is currently unbelievable, it is all about facts.

The fact that the signs are read and interrupted by humans makes them all that conspicuous too.

Gratitude is all that the spirits want back in return for showing the signs.