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Working With Animal Totems

Working With Animal Totems

When animals are considered as totems, we must focus on their individual characteristics and traits. Each totem speaks its own message that must be interpreted by the receiver. The animal symbol may present itself to you because you are similar, affirming that you are on the right path and are living in a manner true to yourself. In this case, the totem should be considered your personal power animal that remains with you, in a spiritual sense, at all times.

It is a true symbol of your character and main traits, which means it may not always be what you hope it would be. It is important for us to remember that life is not always glamorous and elegant.

We are not all tigers or gazelles. This does not mean that we are not unique and lack worth, for all animals have a purpose. None is better than the other.

Identifying Your Animal Totem

Sometimes, it is easy to identify what your personal power animal totem is. For others, this may not be true. Finding your own totem can be done in several ways, but you must be ready and willing to open your heart and mind to being receptive. Ask yourself if there is an animal that you seem to be drawn to. Try to recall which animals you find yourself encountering most often.

Perhaps the easiest way, if you allow yourself to be open, is to relax into a meditative state and ask the animal to make itself known to you. Figure out which animal guide suits you best. Then make an effort to learn all that you can about it in order to help yourself understand how it represents your character. By learning this, you will enable yourself to know how to utilize the animal as a spiritual totem.

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Animal Totems As A Life Saver

Alternatively, animal totems may come into your awareness when you are neglecting certain areas in your life. They might appear suddenly and only stick around very briefly.

It may be aiming to inspire you to do something new or remind you of things that you have allowed to slip from your presence of mind. Do not interpret these experiences as criticisms.

Animal totems are there to help, heal, and inspire us to live more meaningfully. All of us have various character traits that are missing or lacking, and this is not meant to be an insult. We each always have something to learn and can always continue to grow.

When interpreting an animal’s purpose in presenting itself to you, you can only rely on your intuition. Each totem is different for each person and its purpose can change depending on the circumstances in your life. Permit them to penetrate your soul and speak to you. Every animal spirit encounter provides an energy that you can take a lesson from.

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