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Mars In 4th House Meaning And Significance

Mars in the Fourth House of the Natal Chart

What does Mars in the 4th house mean? You have a perfect intuition when it comes to people and work.

4th House Also Known As: House Of Family And Home

Ruling Planet: Moon

Ruling Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Mars In 4th House Celebrities: Cary Grant, Agatha Christie, Walt Disney, Chuck Norris, Dalai Lama, Shahrukh Khan

Positive Keywords for Mars in 4th House: Concerned, Compassionate, Instinctive

Shadow Keywords for Mars in 4th House: Fierce, Controlling, Angry, Melodramatic, Manipulative


Mars In Fourth House: Personality Traits

The fierceness of Mars in the 4th house is often seen when you are protecting your friends and family. Your close social circle is significant to you, and you let nothing stand in the way of their happiness or security. But because of this, you can be very controlling.


Because of your need to control the situation, you may find yourself burying your anger or flood of emotions to get what you want. This is fine if you can contain them in a constructive, rather than destructive, manner. This is bound to happen as Moon is your ruling planet.


But the Mars in fourth house astrology shows that you tend to take a passive-aggressive approach to things that can drive other people, including your loved ones, crazy.

Without really understanding what you’re doing, you can be melodramatic or manipulative to get what you want. This can lead to anger or resentment from you or the people you’re trying to control, depending on the outcome. (Find what the Mars symbol meaning).

The Mars In 4th House

Mars In 4th House: Positive Traits

Mars in 4th house personality are very concerned about creating a comfortable retreat and home life for your family. You are always working on domestic projects and looking for ways to improve upon your living situation.


You want to be the ultimate host or hostess, even to your immediate family who lives with you. But, you have an image of the perfect homemaker. And you put all your energy and effort toward maintaining that image. Your instincts govern most of your decisions, and you won’t go through with something unless it “feels right.”

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Learn to channel your instincts into a more productive solution and allow others to help you execute the plan. It will bring you and your loved ones closer together, and it will keep the feelings of anger and resentment at bay.


Mars In 4th House: Negative Traits

It’s not unusual for Mars in 4th house person to argue with your family members or even have arguments about them with other people. It’s the typical family dynamic of “I can say what I want about my family, but you can’t.”


You try to control all matters concerning the house and your loved ones. Sometimes this is appreciated, but other times people feel like you’re stepping on their toes. Be sure to ask people first if they want your help before taking over the situation, or even joining in in the first place.

You will have less stress and less resentment in your life if you take a backseat once in a while and trust someone else to drive. It’s difficult for you to relinquish control, especially at home. But, it’s necessary sometimes to prevent fights or to keep a problem from escalating. (Do you know what’s your Mars sign?).


The Mars in 4th house horoscope suggests that as Cancer is your ruling zodiac sign, you might be a bit shy. Try to be more direct in communicating what you want, and you may receive a better response than you were originally expecting. Sometimes your work behind the scenes can lead to bigger issues.


Often the best way to tackle a situation is to deal with it head-on. Be honest about what you’re thinking and feeling, and other people will be more upfront with you about their ideas and emotions. This will open more doors and more lines of communication, which is a good thing for you and your family.

No secrets, no working angles behind the scene, just good old fashioned conversation. The intensity and animosity that plagued your household before will disappear before your very eyes. You’ll find a much more peaceful existence is waiting for you.

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