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mars in the houses

Mars In Houses Symbol & Meanings

Mars In Astrological Houses

Mars is the planet of action, passion, and anger in astrology. When Mars is on your zodiac sign, you may feel more competitive, ambitious, easily annoyed, fiery, and passionate. However, you need to be careful. Let’s see what planet Mars symbolizes in the 12 houses.


Take what Mars in houses gives you and see it in a positive light. If you take it negatively, then you are likely to be surrounded by hate and negative energy. By using Mars’ energy correctly, you will be on a happier path than if you were to take it negatively. Mars in houses can create a positive or negative impact.

Mars In Houses – Astrological Meanings

Mars In 1st House

The Mars in 1st house

When Mars is in the 1st house, you will be more active. You will have sudden bursts of energy. This can help you to get tasks done or to play and have fun. However, you may also be more aggressive during this time. Try not to take this out on people who you care about.


Mars In 2nd House

The Mars in 2nd house

“Slow and steady,” is your motto when Mars is in the 2nd house. You will be working hard, but success will come slowly. This is good because this way you shouldn’t be burdened with too much stress. Try to stay patient during this time.

Mars In 3rd House

The Mars in 3rd house

You will be more opinionated, and you won’t be afraid to let everyone know when Mars is in the third house. Sharing what you know with friends and family isn’t a bad thing on its own. Just try not to force your ideas on them.


Mars In 4th House

The Mars in the 4th house

When Mars is in the fourth house, you will be extremely protective of your friends and family. You are likely to be mad a lot of the time. But, don’t let this show, as it can annoy your friends and family members. Try to work out your problems during this time.


Mars In 5th House

The Mars in 5th house

“Impulsive” is your middle name when Mars is in the 5th house. Your lifestyle will become a bit hedonistic during this time, living for pleasure and romance. Work on your hobbies or find a partner during this time.

Mars In 6th House

The Mars In 6th House

When Mars is in the sixth house, you will tend to work a little too hard to get what you want. This may leave you tired and stressed out much of the time. Luckily, your hard work will not be unrewarded. Just make sure to take some time for yourself.

Mars In 7th House

The Mars in 7th house

The seventh house could be known as the house for love or sex when Mars is in it. You likely have more sexual energy than you usually have during this time. If you already have a partner, they probably won’t have a problem with you taking this out on them. However, even though you may be turned on by arguments, they might not be.

Mars In 8th House

The Mars in 8th house

Strong desires for money, love, and success will try to control you when Mars is in the eighth house. Luckily, your desire for these things will help you to work harder to obtain them. If you do work hard, then you are likely to be successful in getting what you want.

Mars In 9th House

The Mars in 9th house

When Mars is in the ninth house, you will more or less be all over the place, emotionally.  You will love getting into fights, love yourself, and love sex. You may also be blunt with what you want, which some people may or may not like.

Mars In 10th House

The Mars in 10th house

Your job will be of great importance to you when Mars is in the tenth house. However, your work may require more physical than mental energy. This is likely to tire you out physically and even emotionally. When you are at home, let yourself relax.

Mars In 11th House

The Mars in 11th house

When Mars is in the 11th house, you will need help from friends and family members to complete your goals. You may not want to rely on them. But, they are important if you want to be led onto the path to success.

Mars In 12th House

The Mars In 12th House

When Mars is in the 12th house,h you are likely to want to be alone. The eleventh house may have made you seem too dependent, and now you want to prove that you can do things on your own, even if it means doing things in secret.

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