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Planetary Patterns

Planetary Patterns

The astrology planetary pattern analysis allows you to see the relative positions of the various planets in your natal chart. This analysis also allows you the information about how you might be affected by the planets. We do provide an opportunity to obtain some details about your own planetary patterns using the planetary pattern calculator provided here. Get your Planetary Pattern Analysis!

The basis of astrology is in the effect of the different planets on the individual, this would be the sun, the moon, various stars and other planets. Indeed the particular location of a planet within an individual’s chart determines that planet’s effect on a person.

The relative positioning of the planets is essential as well, because the effect of a particular planet can vary with the other planets present. If you have Venus as an example in the tenth house and Venus in the fourth house of the natal chart it will have different effects.

The planetary positions are determined through a planetary position calculation or planetary patterns calculation. As rule the astrology planetary patterns are shown within the birth chart. The placement of the planetary patterns in your natal chart needs to be precise and accurate so that the mathematical precision of your horoscope is maintained.

Greater weight must be given to the relative position of planets than the position of the planet by itself. So it is when acting in concert that the position of a particular planet becomes most relevant. However, it is still necessary to take into consideration the placement of individual planets. There are some popular groupings through which the astrology planetary patterns are often named including: locomotive pattern, bundle pattern and the splash pattern of planets.

You can obtain a free natal chart if you would like to learn the astrology planetary positions at the time you were born. This chart clearly indicates the position of the planets and allows you to discover how they may affect you. The analysis of the astrology planetary positions will allow you to know the effects of the planets and the relevance of the relative positions of the planets to you.

We are all seeking to find the best way to move forward. It is not one of the easiest times that we have known as individuals or as a society. Any tool that can assist you in knowing yourself and your talents and can help you to gain appropriate employment and happiness must be used. Which one of us in our day-to-day lives has not occasionally sought guidance from an outside source? Being aware of the planetary influences may be helpful.

Astrology Planetary Patterns

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