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7 Feng Shui Tips For T-Junction Houses

Useful Tips for T Junction House

For several reasons, T-junction houses are considered bad Feng Shui. The strength of the universal energy (referred to as Chi) is the main reason. For instance, the energy rushing from the road towards the home is healthy. Therefore, the Chi or Feng Shui for T-Junction houses affects the energy of the whole house negatively. T-junction houses are apartments built next to a T-shaped road.


Sometimes you can feel the universal energy hit the houses with an aggressive and sharp Sha chi energy. If your house has no landscaping or is located very close to the road, it is said to be energetically more exposed and, therefore, more affected.

In Feng Shui, you can compare the traffic on the T-Junction to water flowing in a river. When the traffic is more and stronger, the stronger the Chi flows through the home.

If your home is situated close to a T-Junction, you may have experienced this phenomenon. The good news is that you can improve these situations. Having this in mind, here are seven Feng Shui tips for your t Junction home.


Feng Shui For T-Junction Houses

How To Kick  Your Clutter Habit

#1. Clutter  Clearing

To improve your T-Junction house, start by clearing your clutter. This involves getting rid of anything in your house that you do not like. Like therapy, clearing clutter is a time-consuming process, but after that, you feel you have lightened up the load.

This step is vital in creating a Feng Shui energy that is harmonious with your home. Remember, according to Feng Shui, clutter is the low, blocked, stagnant energy that drains from you lowering the quality of your life. It is anything that you do not use or have no space for in your home.


Decluttering can be a challenging process. However, if you cannot get rid of the clutter from your home, you are the Feng Shui clutter. Try being honest as wee as brave during the process. The more honest you are, the better the powerful, potent, and fresh Feng Shui energy you will have in your T-Junction house. Clean your closet as well as your children.

clen clutter

#2. Change your main door

Where is the position of your main entrance? Well, merely relocating your main door or using another door will help to reduce the universal negative energy that comes from your house from the T-Junction. The door facing the road worsens the Feng Shui energy of your home.

Remember that universal energy enters your house from the main door. Therefore, if your door faces the T-Junction, the negative energy from the traffic will enter your house.


The energy will hurt your home. To solve this problem, have the door face a different direction. The door is preferably better if it is facing away from the source of the universal negative energy possible.

Alternatively, on top of painting your main door with a Feng Shui agreeable color, you may plant trees in the front yard or build a gate that is as high as possible.

Feng Shui For T-Junction Houses

#3. Improve your writing and aeration

Good quality of light and air in your house are essential elements for a good Chi in your home. Always allow as much natural light in your house as possible. Additionally, consider using full-spectrum lights.

To improve the air circulation, open the windows often. Again, consider using an air purifier or introducing plants that purify the air. The trees you can introduce to your T-Junction house are:

  • Dwarf Date Palm
  • Peace Lily
  • Dracaena Janet Craig
  • Ficus Alii
  • Boston Fern
  • Rubber Plant

The plants help to remove most pollutants such as formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, and Benzene. The cleaner the air and blighter the light, the more the positive Chi flows into your house.

#4. Plant a border of shrubs or plant or a solid fence

Going green is another excellent way to improve your T-Junction house. Consider adding a border of shrubs and plants around your house to help block the universal negative energy from the T-Junction. Potted plants serve the same purpose.

Another way to neutralize the energy is to do it from the inside by planting a row of plants on the windowsills of all of your windows in your home that are facing the road.

You can also plant a tall tree in the front yard of your home. The tall tree blocks off the universal negative energy as well as provides shade during summer. While the tree will do the same job as a tall gate, avoid planting the tree directly in front of the main door.

It is bad Feng Shui to have a tree direct to your main door as it blocks the good energy flowing into your home. Plant the trees and the shrubs as close to the road as possible.

Feng Shui For T-Junction Houses

#5. Use mirror and crystals

A flat bagua-shaped mirror and crystals or faucets weaken the negative energy emanating from the T-Junction. For your tastes and preferences, place a mirror on the top of the main door or the front wall of your T-Junction house. The mirror fends off and deflects the negative Chi energy from the passing traffic.

You can also place a bright light on the outside of your T-Junction house to disperse the energy coming from car headlights and traffic.

#6. Create vibrantly and balanced energy

Creating vibrant and balanced energy in all areas of your home is based on the five Feng Shui elements. The five elements include fire, wood, metal, earth, and water.

Once you understand the elements, you will be able to create a balanced and vibrant Chi energy in your T-Junction house.

Each element has the corresponding color, which is:

  • Wood: Brown, green
  • Fire: red, orange, intense yellow, pink, purple
  • Earth: sandy/earthy, light yellow, light brown
  • Metal: gray, white
  • Water: black, blue


Feng Shui For T-Junction Houses

#7. Get the best external color for your house with Feng Shui

The exterior color of your T-Junction house can help harmonize the universal energy caused by the traffic. And luckily, there is a wide variety of colors from which to choose. A slight color change can change everything, dispelling the negative chi that hovers on your T-Junction house.

When selecting the color, it is excellent Feng Shui to have a house painted in a color that blends with both human-made and natural surroundings.

Therefore, choose the that color works best with the surrounding elements in your house. This should include the neighboring homes and the surrounding.

To choose the right color, make sure you understand the Feng Shui elements. Applying a deeper FengShui level, choose your color based on the Feng Shui birth elements for members of your family. Remember, the right color on your house attracts vibrant, positive energy to your T-Junction house

The strength of the universal energy on a T-Junction is the main reason T-Junction houses are considered bad Feng Shui. However, this should not prevent you from living in a T-Junction home. From

Decluttering your house, painting your house, changing the main door, going green, improving aeration and lighting in understanding the five elements of Feng Shui, you can weaken or soften the negative energy.

You can explore more in-depth options as you master these seven basic Feng Shui tips for a T-Junction house. Choose a few of them or all of them and implement them in your home. Start with the basic ones as you move up the rudder. Make the process as fun as possible.

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