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Chinese Symbol Writing: Symbol Of Wealth

Chinese Symbol Writing: Symbol of Health

Chinese symbol writing signifies the luck you will get by not wasting opportunities now and creating them as you move on. In other words, it is your time to make your own rules and take action. Besides, you can use your attitude to your advantage and have an addiction to doing what is right. Life is not going to be easy, but proper planning will direct you to somewhere great. Perhaps, you need to embrace your journey with positivity. Notably, you are ready to win and have to believe that you can move past every challenge.


Moreover, the Chinese symbolism indicates that you have the opportunity to become your power. Let success become your greatest line. Nevertheless, you have to sweat to get what you are looking for in life. It is your chance now to prove them wrong by taking action and becoming the person you want to be. Equally, it is paying to work hard each day. You can be your purpose and make decisions that will let you to instant action.


The Uniqueness of Chinese Symbol Writing

All Chinese writing comes in the form of symbols instead of letter combinations that are used in European languages. The words in Chinese almost look like stylized pieces of art, but you also find them everywhere. It is simply a beautiful form of writing. This would be why so many non-Asian people get Chinese characters as tattoos.


While these symbols are beautiful, it can be difficult to learn how to write them. For instance, the drawing of a Chinese symbol is a very exact art form. If you put a line in the wrong place, you could be writing an entirely different world than the one you meant to write. That being said, Chinese symbol writing is very difficult, and you should always double-check a symbol’s meaning before you get it tattooed on your body.


This article will not be about teaching you how to write in Chinese, but instead what some of the most common Chinese symbols are about and what symbolizes these symbols. It may seem complicated now, but keep reading, and you’ll get the hang of it.


Fertility and Abundance Symbolism

Many words in languages are spelled or pronounced the same as other words in the same language, and Chinese is no exception to this rule. For example, the word “fish” is very similar to the word for surplus. For this reason, the fish is a great symbol of abundance in China. Fish are also symbols of luck and fertility in China as well. This is probably because of how quickly and how many babies fish can have at a time. Fish are also a wonderful food source in China, adding protein to their diets. Because the fish is so essential in the daily life of the Chinese, it makes a great symbol and a lovely character to write.

The character you are creating each day will become your gear someday. With good character, you can become fertile. In other words, you have the potential to earn something great in your life. Besides, you can take each risk because you deserve a better life. Perhaps, your wisdom will let you make decisions that will change your life. Also, wisdom will lead you to a future that you never expected.

Fortune & Luck Symbolic Meanings

Many people have heard the Japanese story of the waving cat that seemed to warn, and in a way, save the man. This story was so popular in Japan that it quickly moved into Chinese culture and storytelling, and their symbolism as well. Since fortune and luck are both important when it comes to Chinese symbolism, it’s great to have something that symbolizes both of these admirable traits – the lucky cat. Many people in China have a ceramic statue of this cat inside or outside of their homes with the thought that the cat will bring them good luck. While the original sighting of the lucky cat may have just been a coincidence, it seems that it is now an important symbol for the Chinese.

This is your greatest opportunity to become whatever you want to be. The luck symbol you usually get in life is because of the good work you are doing. The goodness is that you are against procrastination and your belief in change. Notably, you can let forward be the only direction that you know. Equally, your future is in your hands. Therefore, take everything possible that will lead you to the direction of success. Stand up to your risks and say yes to a better future.

Happiness & Health Symbol

The symbol for happiness can also be found in one thing, a religious and way of life type of symbol, the laughing Buddha. In Chinese and Buddhist culture, it is said that the laughing Buddha represents a happy, healthy, and content man. The statue of the laughing Buddha is rather fat but also has a large smile on his face as well. The laughing Buddha makes a perfect symbol for happiness and a symbol for health, even if it’s not exactly in the writing sort of way.

The health symbol represents how successful you are. Health is associated with success. Therefore, it is better to pray to God to give you good health because that is your wealth. Basically, with good health, you can get the results that you deserve. Furthermore, happiness comes as a result of having good health. Equally, you can use your health to fight for something better.

Prosperity & Wealth Symbolism

Lastly, prosperity and wealth are also important Chinese characters and symbols. One of the great symbols of prosperity and wealth is a chestnut tree, which is sometimes even known as the money tree since it is such a powerful symbol of wealth. While the character symbols for “tree” and “wealth” look nothing alike, their symbolism is closely related. While this tree does not grow money, it is said to bring luck in wealth if you have one in your home, workplace, or outside of your home.

Many other character symbols in Chinese can mean one thing and lead to symbolize many other things. If you want to learn more about Chinese symbolism, then you can read more of my articles on the subject on SunSigns.Org. Remember that learning something new is an opportunity to move to another level. This shows that you have the potential to become incredible. Notably, your legacy is learning something new, plus their cultures.

Chinese Symbol Writing: Summary

Chinese symbolism writing implies that you have fewer problems than you think. Besides, you can decide to change the problems you are facing now and become someone better. Stop thinking much about the future and start working hard. That is the only solution that creates positive results in your life. Don’t fear starting something new in your life. Perhaps, you can erase any negative thoughts you have about your future and have the power to learn more. Equally, it is your time to grow because you are facing different challenges in your life.

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