Armadillo Animal Totem Symbolism & Meanings

Armadillo Animal Totem Symbolism

The natural world is home to many curious and odd creatures, one of which is the armadillo. Although it is somewhat strange in appearance, the armadillo animal totem possesses many unique features, most notably its armored shell.

The cartilage and bone that make up this shell provide a nearly impenetrable defense. Thus the armadillo spirit totem symbolizes the significance of protection and a guarded disposition in our human lives.

Certain circumstances in our lives demand a defensive response in order to protect our bodies and inner selves. Just as the armadillo does, we must initiate our own defense system to safeguard our hearts when necessary.

Wearing its armor on its back, the armadillo is symbolic of protection and boundaries. Its shell acts as the armadillo’s physical and spiritual boundary, guarding the safety of its total being.

From the armadillo’s physical bodily composition, we are reminded to protect ourselves. By taking inspiration from the energy of an armadillo, we can create a bodily shield made of energy for ourselves. We need to exercise caution and solid judgement when deciding if it is safe to let our guards down. If you can get in touch with your internal rhythm and utilize your senses, it will be obvious what is safe and what is not.

Armadillo Associated Traits

Limitations, Guarded, Defensive, Caution, Judgement, Guarded, Compassion


Symbolic Meaning Of Armadillo

As a spiritual animal totem, the armadillo symbolizes that it is time to define your own boundaries and space. Try to look for clarity in situations in which you find yourself having trouble saying “no”, as you may be being taken for granted by others.

While community and openness is also important, you must learn to guard your personal space, allowing others to enter only when you want them to.

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Often times, the armadillo symbol may be viewed as living a self-concerned and aloof life. Its symbolic emphasis on defense, protection, and guarding only encourages this view. However, we must not neglect the symbolism that it offers for our lives.

Among others, the armadillo meaning symbolizes trust, peace, pacifism, balance, complexity, and compassion. It is a representative of detachment and objectivity.

It reminds us to embrace different attitudes, outlooks, and ways of being and not regard ourselves as supreme over others. In this way, the armadillo acts as a major proponent of empathy, a highly virtuous trait.

Armadillos are also inquisitive creatures, using their sharp little claws to dig and burrow into the Earth. They teach us the importance of continual searching and discovery to get to the root of all matters, both external and internal.

The Armadillos insect totem speaks to us to continue in-depth searches, digging below the superficial surface. Don’t bury questions or issues that have been nagging you. Along with digging and burrowing, armadillos have well-developed senses that can detect life underground.

They are masters of both hiding and seeking, acting as personal guides for discovering our own secrets. With an armadillo leading the way, we are prepped to receive insight and answers to our questions. As seekers, they also assist us in finding things that we seek through meditation and research.

After all of its strenuous detective work, the armadillo must rest, although they do take it a bit far. Like sloths, these creatures sleep for around eighteen hours a day. While it is inadvisable for us mimic this behavior exactly, it does serve as a sign for us to take rest when necessary and relish in times of relaxation.

We should use these times to recuperate and recharge, seizing the opportunity to refrain from social interactions and spend alone time with ourselves. The armadillo, then, reminds us of the importance of mothering and nurturing ourselves.

Like other water creatures, armadillos are symbolic of emotions. In this case, we should ask ourselves if our emotions have been clogged up and dammed up. It is unhealthy and troubling to have our emotions flood our beings, and this can be avoided by making sure that they stream naturally at all times.

Water totems signal us to let our emotions flow freely and naturally, allowing any internal tensions to loosen. Like the armadillo, we should allow ourselves to “float” rather than sinking and being held down by the weight of emotions.

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  1. On my way home, I accidentally ran over an armadillo. It broke my heart to have taken its life. How can I atone for this?

    • Life is temporary. Sometimes it’s not easy to accept our own roll in the ending of a life. Nevertheless lives begin and end. Sometimes they are long and sometimes they are short. You are neither good nor bad for accidentally hitting or not hitting an armadillo.

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