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Artifacts Symbolism – Magical Armor

Meanings of Artifacts Symbolism

Artifacts are objects infused with magical abilities, either created by gods or legendary creatures, or natural materials with amazing properties. Like foes, artifacts can be divided into certain broad categories we call templates.

Each template gives guidelines as to the purpose of that type of artifact and the kinds of extras and aspects it is likely to have. Each template has two examples; a “generic” artifact that the crew could find a number of and a “unique” one-of-a-kind item of great power.

If someone gains access to an artifact without paying its refresh cost they should be assumed to not fully understand it and not gain full access to its abilities. But, some may be available nonetheless, such as a Weapon rating for Excalibur or the ability to invoke orichalcum’s aspect to see through illusions.

Magical Armor Symbolism

Armor is intended to protect its wearer from harm. Magical armor comes in many forms and from many sources. Abilities: Magically enhanced armor either protects perfectly from traditional harm, protects from unusual forms of harm, or minimizes the weight and restrictiveness of the armor.

Thor’s Armor

Description: Made up of two pieces, the belt Megingjörð and iron gloves Járngreipr, Thor’s armor doubled his already prodigious strength and allowed him to wield his war hammer Mjolnir without injuring himself. Permissions: First, the armor must somehow be separated from Thor, a difficult endeavor. Second, the wearer must be human in size and shape.

#3. Varying This Armor

The two pieces can be split up; either piece can model a separate artifact capable of granting super-strength or invulnerability to fire. Alternatively, they could be made stronger by incorporating more of Thor’s abilities, gaining an aspect Rage of the Thunder God that grants strength for giving the wearer the skill Lightning Control.

Other armors include the armor of Achilles, which grants Invulnerability, the Tarnkappe, which makes the wearer invisible, and the shield of Evalach, which grants the owner Heavenly Protection.


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