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Wayne Gretzky

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January 26, 1961

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Brantford, Ontario, Canada

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Wayne Gretzky is arguably one of the most excellent hockey’s players of all time. To show his prowess at this juncture, he played for Kings, Blues, and the Edmonton Oilers. Not to mention he was the boulder of the New York Rangers throughout his career. Wayne’s talent manifested since the day he was born. At the age of two Wayne knew how to move independently while still skating. This is what gave birth to the world finest and ideal hockey player. Wayne played hockey for two decades where he opted to retire in 1999. It was the same year that he was listed in the Hall of Fame category. Read further to understand more about his life achievements.

Wayne Gretzky-The Man 

During his teenage life, Wayne Gretzky spent countless of hours on the ice as he learned how to ice skate, shoot and pass. For success, he was selected to play or compete with a macho man.To him, size and age didn’t matter, but his final results spoke widely to all. Before retirement, Wayne managed to score over 400 goals.


Childhood and Early Life

On 26 January 1961, Wayne Gretzky was born in Brantford, Ontario, Canada to Phyllis Hockin and Walter Gretzky. At the age of two Gretzky gained interest in skating. During this time he started to spend countless time on ice. Over the following years, he continued to excel as a shooter, passer and eminent skater. At only 18 years old, Wayne had already penned the Canada waves by 90%.In 1977 he was listed as the third player in Ontario Major Junior Hockey. The following year, he became an NHL star where he went to play for the World Junior Championship in Quebec.



It was in 1979 that Wayne Gretzky proved that he could do more than what he already did. He professionally took a professional turn in NHL where he showed the world that he was the Superman. He perfectly took a heavy blow that plunked the targeted ball into the net without much effort. In other words, Gretzky was his coach: he was a perfect scorer. It was tough for people to analyze whether he was an amateur or a perfect picture. He shined to the latter ranking with 86 assists and 51 goals. This positioned him for the Hart Memorial Trophy award. It is regarded as a valuable award when it comes to the sports industry.

During his career as an active sports player, several stores started to sell Wayne’s dolls. In the process, the Canadian government began to issue the Gretzky dollar coin. Being humble and down to earth person, Wayne Gretzky was loved by all. Simultaneously, he continued to play hard as well as towering undefined records. According to sources, Wayne had the highest number of assists and goals. His competence was equaled to none.

In the mid of 1998, Gretzky was traded to Los Angeles team where he wore the Kings Jersey outfit. For eight seasons, Wayne remained as an associate for the franchise group. Even though he didn’t seem to rule his club as before, he was still the triumphant one. Losing was something that was out of her dictionary. It was in 1993 that he led the Franchise club to the Stanley Cup finals. However, it was undoubted that they lost during the end of the competition. By the end of his last years, Wayne teamed up with St.Loius Blues and New York Rangers.


Personal Life And Achievements

Throughout his career, Wayne Gretzky stood in the line of the most decent and prolific players of all times. To date, he is mostly the highest scorer who shares the 61 NHL records. This includes most career assists; 1,900, most career goals; 894, most career points; 2857 among others. He became a former player in 1999.Over his career course, Gretzky also served as the coach. Early in 2002, he directed Canada’s men’s Olympic that won a gold medal in the final. He later resigned after seven years of service. Besides her active life as a hockey player, Wayne owns a restaurant and wine business. In 1988 he married the love of her life, Janet Jones. The couple has five children: Paulina, Emma, Tristan, Ty and Trevor Gretzky.

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