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January 26 – Aquarius Birthday Horoscope Meanings & Personality Traits

Birthday Personality Of People Born On 26th January (Star Sign Aquarius)

IF YOUR BIRTHDATE IS ON JANUARY 26, your strength is in your business associations or philosophical matters. You love sharing this information as well. You are described as being very personable and out going.

The 26th January star sign is Aquarius. You enjoy good food and conversation. You have natural people skills as it applies to your business sense. Others join in your business ventures because you are active in your causes and bring a unique flavor to the team.

26 january birthday aquariusThe birthdate horoscope profile of those born on January 26 shows that they are defiant in following. Some of you are leaders and some are followers. Aquarius, you have the skills to advance with your creative way of doing things. It is new and exciting ideas that bring you financial success.

If today is your birthday, then you love learning and nature. Aquarians born this day are rational people but at the same time, idealistic. You are very much a sensitive person. With Uranus as the ruling planet, your way of thinking is usually, let us say, different from others. Aquarius, you are unconventional but it ironically creates a following for you.

People with 26 January Aquarius birthdays have a strong desire to have free will or the ability to make a choice. Your stubbornness… your emotional blockage and your social imperfections is what festers this need to be free; free to be who you were meant to be. It is the epitome of being free, they say. It is surreal to be free. There is no price on that.

Born on this birth date, you tend to be very willing to help others. You will stand with them in a good cause. You would be the boss that rolls the sleeves up when it is time to go to work. You are in it for the win.

Some particular birthday personality flaws are that you can be somewhat defiant and capricious. You can also be very blunt and to the point. When you have not committed to an idea, you can be insipid. At the same time, when you choose a side and you are most certainly stubborn! After all, you make your own rules. An Aquarius is an unusual character.

Your birthday astrology analysis shows that you have a unique gift. You should use these talents to your advantage. Not everyone can be you. Aquarius you have the power to make a difference in this world.

You look at the bigger picture on a number of issues. You are not dedicated to one goal but rather to making your personal life a success as well. You want to have as many joyful experiences because of your hard work.

Aquarius with January 26 birthdates can be tricky. You know many people but you have very few close friends and lovers. When it comes to love, age is not a factor. Every relationship experience is valuable though you find it hard to show your emotions or feelings.

It is important to you to find a mate but it is somewhat hard to do if you do not let your guard down. You have this ability to distance yourself from your children and family and possibly because of your own conflicts. Some people have the impression that you are unapproachable because of your aloof presence.

All together, people with zodiac birthdays on January 26 need to go beyond their alleged limitations. Push forward and apply yourself. You are confident and you have earned the trust of others. When you decide to go for something, you put in 100% of yourself.

January 26 birthday

What your birthday says about you is that you are subject to mood swings. You function well under pressure but your serious side can be hardhearted. It is difficult to expose the Aquarian. You are interesting and noteworthy, Aquarius. You are emotional individuals with a serious nature. You also have a temper but hardly hold grudges. Nevertheless, you are charming.

Find What Your Star Sign Is

Date of Birth:

This Day That Year – January 26th In History:

1837 – Michigan is approved as the 26th state.

1875 – George F Green patents the electric dental drill.

1910 – Floods in Paris due to heavy rainfall.

1934 – The Apollo Theater (Harlem, New York City) reopens.

Famous Birthdays On 26th January:

Anita Baker, Bessie Coleman, Eartha Kitt, Frank “the Prime Minister” Costello, Angela Davis, Ellen DeGeneres, Wayne Gretzky, Eddie Van Halen, Paul Newman

Birth Sign:

You Fall Under Star Sign Aquarius

Corresponding Rashi (Vedic Moon Sign): Kumbha Rashi

Corresponding Chinese Zodiac Sign: TIGER

Birth Planet:

Your ruling planet is Uranus that symbolizes innovations, rebellions, wisdom and liberation.

Birthday Symbols:

The Water Bearer Is The Symbol For The Aquarius Star Sign

Birthdate Tarot Card:

Your Birth Date Tarot Card is Strength. This card symbolizes courage, will power and endurance to achieve your goals.

Birthday Love Compatibility:

You are most compatible with people born under Sun Sign Leo: This can be an entertaining and idealistic relationship.

You are not compatible with people born under Sun Sign Taurus: This is a very stubborn match with zero coordination.

Numerology Birthday:

Your Favorable numbers are:

Number 8 – This is a Karmic number that signifies practicality, strength, organization, patience and self-discipline.

Number 9 – This is a compassionate number that signifies service to the society, charity, intuition and tolerance.

Lucky Colors For January 26th Birthdays:

Green: This color stands for growth, rebirth, focus and abundance.

Purple: This is a royal color that stands for spirituality, luxury, wisdom and creativity.

Lucky Days For January 26 Birth Dates:

Saturday – This is the day of planet Saturn that helps you understand different aspects of your life better.

Birth Stone:

Your gemstone is Amethyst which is a stone good for transformation of the mind, reduce stress and overcome addictions.

Ideal Zodiac BirthDay Gift For People Born On The 26th Of January:

An aromatherapy kit for the women and rock concert tickets for the men.

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  1. Actually, Taurus women are very compatible with Aquarius men. I instantly clicked with mine and have been with him happily for many years. Not all of these sites are correct. Taurus women are very down-to-earth, patient, funny, fun-loving, intelligent and relaxed which perfectly complements Aquarius men, especially those born in January. As for Leo women, I know several Leo-Aquarius couples that constantly bicker. Leo women love to nag and brag and don’t seem to let Aquarius men shine from time to time… not to mention most Leo women tend to be crazy in a bad way. Full of drama and too emotional for Aquarius men, though intriguing at first. Not good for the longterm.

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