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Horse Animal Totem Symbolism & Meanings

Horse Animal Totem Symbolism

Horse is a powerful animal totem in all mythology, being represented by many Deities through many religions throughout the world. Horse is the very image of fast travel, and the freedom and mobility this brings to us. Even though Horse was not a native creature the Americas, it brought such a changing element to them that it quickly became a revered and powerful spirit amongst the Natives there.

In the Norse mythology, there was a powerful horse, born of the God Loki while he bore the form of a mare to distract a stallion, its name was Sleipnir. It was an 8 legged steed that served the God Odin, who was renowned for his wisdom and ability to see clearly in the spirit realm. The Horse animal spirit is therefore a most important creature to those it serves.

Horse Associated Traits

Freedom, Mobility, Love, Loyalty, Power


Symbolic Meaning Of Horse

The Horse animal totem has also been shown to be a creature of great loyalty as in Chinese astrology, serving those it works for with a deep devotion, giving everything of itself right until death if necessary. That power of service is considerable, it will not give up on those it holds dear, and it will not fall down before it has given everything of itself.

The Horse symbol, with it’s powerful frame and deeply muscled legs, also represents power. There is no mistake that its name is used to describe the inherent strength of automobiles engines, how many horse power does your car have under its hood? They have been used to perform great feats of strength throughout history, give us the image of the Clydesdale, chains tied to it as it rips up mighty trees by their very roots.

In the times of the Old West of the Americas, the horse was sometimes the only companion of the old Cowboys, moving cattle across the range. It would not be unusual that aside from their fellow cowboys and the cattle, their horse would be the only creature they’d see for many months of travel. Far and away it was the Horse that was their dearest companion, each relying deeply upon the other for their livelihood.

So know that with Horse symbolism in your life, you are being called on to travel, to move. It may be a literal move, traveling from one side of the world to someplace far distant, or something more esoteric.

Chinese Zodiac Sign

Date of Birth:

The horse meaning may speak of needing to remove certain people from your life, and providing you with the strength to do so. Horse will be there beside you as you travel, forever your companion, faithful through your trials, lending both friendship and strength as you go.

While Horse is a strong companion, willing to serve alongside you without fear or compromise, know that it does not befriend those who will bind its freedom, or who will prevent it from expressing itself in it’s wild ways.

As such let your Horse spirit guide work alongside you as you travel the spiritual realms, or face the challenges the world shall place before you. Take care of Horse, show it the respect it deserves, and it will serve you tirelessly.

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