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Horse Spirit Animal Totem Meaning – What Does It Symbolize Spiritually?

Horse Spirit Animal – The True Meaning of Power

The horse spirit animal is powerful in almost all mythology. It attracts representation by many Deities through many religions throughout the world. The horse is the image of fast travel and the freedom and mobility this brings to us. The horse totem was not a native creature to the Americas. But it was such an important and influential element to them, especially amongst the Natives there.


In Norse mythology, there was a powerful horse, born of the God Loki, who bore the form of a mare to distract a stallion; its name was Sleipnir. It was an eight-legged steed that helped serve the God Odin. Odin had the wisdom and the ability to see clearly in the spiritual realm. Therefore, the Horse animal spirit is the most critical creature to those it serves.

Horse Associated Traits

Freedom, Mobility, Love, Loyalty, Power

Horse Power Animal

Horse Power Animal will enable you to embrace the strength within yourself. Do not deem yourself as weak when you know that you have great things to achieve. Always remain strong no matter the challenges you face in life. Strength will get you through life smoothly without any hiccups. Embrace the strength within you and make the best of your life.


This power animal will enable you to connect with the Earth on a spiritual level. You can discover your higher self and make the best of your life. Work on your spiritual life to live a life filled with light and enlightenment. The presence of the Horse spirit guide in your life will bring you honor and great fortune.

It is good to be independent, but you should ensure that independence does not get into your head. Live your life confidently and modestly. Horse meaning calls on you to remain true to yourself and your beliefs and values. Always do the things that make you happy and bring out your best.


Be a hero to the people that look up to you. Horse Spirit Animal calls on you to always be there for your loved ones and give them all the support they need to improve their lives. Be the pillar of support they look to when they have problems.

Horse Spirit Animal

What Does a Horse Represent?

The Horse totem is a creature of great loyalty, as in Chinese astrology, serving those it works for with deep devotion, giving everything of itself right until death if necessary. That power of service is considerable. It will not give up on those it holds dear. Besides, it cannot fall before it has given everything of itself.


The Horse symbol, with its robust frame and deeply muscled legs, also represents power. There is no mistake that its name describes the inherent strength of automobile engines. How much horsepower does your car have under its hood? They were also helpful in performing incredible feats of strength throughout history. It gave us the image of the Clydesdale, ripping up big trees by their roots.

In the times of the Old West of the Americas, the horse was the companion of the old Cowboys. It helped move cattle across the range. Apart from fellow cowboys and the cattle, their horse was the only creature they’d see for many months of travel. Far and away, the Horse was their dearest companion, each relying deeply upon the other for their livelihood.

So know that with Horse symbolism in your life, your call is to travel, to move. It may be a natural move, traveling from one side of the world to someplace far distant.

The Horse Totem in Dreams

People dream of horses often and in different colors. All dreams carry their meaning that might bear some meaning to your actual life. A white horse appears in your dreams to let you know that you are blessed. You have all you need to live a life that will fill you with happiness, joy, peace, and harmony.

Dreaming of a white stallion means that love is in the air. You and your partner are on good terms, and things will work out for the better. Singles who dream of the white stallion are being signaled that soon love will come into their lives, and they will find their soulmates.

Many white horses appear in a married couple’s life to symbolize a happy and fulfilling marriage. On the other hand, a black horse is not a sign of great things. It is a sign that there is a darkness looming in your life that you need to get rid of. Trust that you have the strength and grace to overcome the challenges in your life.

Dreaming of a Brown horse signifies that your career will improve immensely. You will be able to make all your goals and aspirations come true. Use your talents and skills to elevate your life and reach your highest potential.

Native American Symbolism of Horse Totem

Native Americans considered the Horse a spiritual being. It was a sign of freedom and was also a token of war. Tribes that had many horses were well-equipped to win wars that emerged from tribal clashes. Owning many Horses was also a sign of wealth and affluence.

Native Americans viewed this Spirit Animal as a sign of strength, agility, grace, power, and stamina. The first time they saw a Horse, they placed the same in the category of gods. The Horse was called the Bog Dog and God Dog.

What Is the Importance of The Horse Animal Totem?

Horse medicine urges you never to let your guard down when surrounded by people you view as enemies. Always be around people who make you feel accessible and able to express yourself without any fear. Release all the worries and fears in your life and live a happy and fulfilled life.

Seeing a horse totem everywhere signifies that great things will soon manifest in your life. Focus on only the things that build you. Do not worry about the things you have no control over. Be satisfied with what you have achieved, and celebrate your achievements. Do not listen to the people telling you you are not good enough.

You have all it takes to live a happy life. Do not worry about the things that are not going your way. Soon things will take a turn for the better, and you will enjoy all your hard work. With the strength that the Horse totem bestows upon you, there is nothing that you cannot handle.

The meaning of the Horse totem wants you to know that spiritual focus is behind you. With light upon your path, nothing will hold you back from succeeding. Always be the best at all that you do. Make every effort in your life count.

Horse Spirit Animal: Conclusion

The horse meaning may speak of needing to remove certain people from your life. It will provide you with the strength to do so. The horse will be there beside you as you travel. It will be forever your companion, faithful through your trials. Ultimately, lending both friendship and power as you go.

The horse is a strong companion, willing to serve alongside you without fear or compromise. As a result, know that it does not befriend those who will bind its freedom. Nor should you prevent it from expressing itself in its wild ways.

As such, let your Horse spirit guide work alongside you as you travel the spiritual realms or face the challenges the world shall place before you. Take care of the Horse, show it the respect it deserves, and it will serve you tirelessly.

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