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Gorilla Spirit Animal Totem Meaning: Social Intelligence Helps

Gorilla Animal Totem Symbolism

You wish to understand the gorilla totem and other meanings of the gorilla spirit animal. What does a gorilla symbolize? Although the gorillas can be seen as intimidating because of their massive size and seemingly cross-d demeanor, they are mostly gentle and caring creatures.


In our spiritual examination of them, it’s important that we not take them at face value. Don’t let their stern faces fool you. Indeed, they are loving and caring creatures. However, they become aggressive when they need to be to survive or protect others.

As highly social beings, they use sophisticated communication in their interactions with each other, just as humans do. They have a well-developed sense of self and awareness of others in their community. Also, they take great care to be a functioning member of their respective societies.


Gorilla Associated Traits

Communication, Social, Selfless, Compassion, Intimidation, Clever, Graciousness. In this sense, they are very much like humans, causing them to be a very relatable symbol in our lives. In addition to communication and connection, the gorilla symbolism stands for loyalty, leadership, compassion, dignity, and accountability. These symbolic meanings for the gorilla are more concentrated on selflessness than individualism. They provide us with several valuable lessons in responsibility.

This large animal has infinite wisdom to bestow upon us. When you next receive the opportunity, take a solid look at the face of a gorilla. In it, you can see an undeniable and infinite depth of intelligence and wisdom that can guide us toward being stronger and more benevolent leaders in our families and communities.


Gorilla Spirit Animal Meaning

What does the gorilla spirit animal signify? It would be excellent if you found better ways to boost your social intelligence. Try to understand how others feel, know how, and what to say in social situations. Indeed it would be wise to know how to carry yourself well even in a large crowd. Act wisely in your relationships with others.

The spiritual meaning of the gorilla shows that it is never too late nor too early to be a social guru. Indeed no one is born socially brilliant. But, you learn this skill over time to communicate and connect with others very well. For instance, you need to have effective listening skills to pay attention to what others say before responding.


The gorilla totem implies that it would help learn more conversation skills to have a conversation with anyone with ease. You need to maintain eye contact to show that you are interested and sincere in the conversation. Moreover, when in disagreement, avoid being too pushy or making the other person feel bad. Try to listen to varying views with an open mind.

The Gorilla Symbol Meaning

The gorilla symbolism shows that it would be helpful to find a way to develop social intelligence. For instance, be more observant and sensitive to the people around you. Additionally, you need to balance your emotional intelligence by controlling your emotions and empathizing with others.

What does a gorilla symbolize? It would be nice to respect diversity. Do not discriminate against anyone based on their color, race, religion, sex, etc. Instead, seek out cultural diligence to understand the boost your interactions with others. You can learn people skills from your peers, loved ones, community, etc.

Seeing a Dead Gorilla

The black gorilla means it would be respectful to show appreciation when someone has helped you. Could you not take their support for granted? Also, stay closer to meaningful people in your life and keep supporting you in reaching your dreams.

If you keep seeing a gorilla meaning, it would be excellent to keep your promises to build trust and reinforce social bonding with others. Do not pledge to someone if you do not intend to fulfill it. Moreover, you may realize that you do not meet the obligation on schedule. Liaise with the other party and make a new agreement.

The gorilla dream means that as you actively practice better social skills. Do not aim for perfection but keep learning from your failure and success. Also, try to pay attention to what others are saying or doing well and identify the mistakes to avoid. Think of a new idea to boost your social intelligence every week. Put it into action until you master it.

Gorilla Spirit Animal

Meaning Of Gorilla

The Gorilla animal totem may enter your life to signal you to hold your head high. Try to recognize our noble qualities. This is likely to be after someone has put us down or hindered our spirits.

Besides, cleverness and understanding are required to do this. But, the gorilla reminds us to neither be closed nor arrogant in attaining them. There is a deeper knowledge that you must learn, one that goes beyond schooling and basic observations. You need to learn and accept lessons from others. Luckily, the gorilla is generous with its wisdom.

Again, rather than being meant as prideful or boastful, the gorilla spirit guide’s message exudes a quiet and humble honesty and dignity. This makes a much more profound statement. Gorillas are quite regal in their behavior and temperament. And, we’d do well to mimic some of that in our lives.

Things You Should Know About a Gorilla

Did you know that the gorilla is a natural leader that does not need to be aggressive or loudly domineering? Instead, the gorilla manages its family and other troop members with understanding, love, and continence. Harshness is seldom necessary, reminding us that tyrannical dictators will never win respect.

Moreover, graciousness, honesty, and charm win and keep loyal followers – in our case. These are our family, friends, and colleagues. In many situations, a gorilla confirms that we are proceeding through our lives solidly and steadily.

Furthermore, they help us find our inner strength to handle our duties and responsibilities effectively. Those who can relate most to gorillas can command groups easily through their strength of will and decisiveness. You must rally the community to support your cause and display confidence that you can accomplish anything.

Facts About Gorilla Spirit Animal

Alternatively, to see a gorilla symbol in your dream suggests that you might be excessive and over the top in your behavior. Composure is key, and the gorilla serves as a constant reminder of the importance of that. This primate symbolizes the repressed energy and primitive impulses that we sometimes need to unleash.

Again, the Gorilla meaning tells you to take action and earn what you want. A gorilla hiding goes against all of the regality of their typical behavior. So, to see this in our dreams makes quite a bold statement.

When it hides, it symbolizes that you are looking for a sense of security and safety that you are currently lacking. You may be feeling vulnerable and need some comfort to pull yourself out of it. Take solace in the gorilla spiritual totem: it will not lead you toward harm.

Gorilla Spirit Animal Summary

In a nutshell, the Gorilla spirit animal reminds you that having sound social intelligence skills will help you live a more satisfying and fulfilling life.

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