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Kark Rashi

Kark Rashi

Karka Rashi is the fourth zodiac sign in Vedic astrology. This is symbolized by the Crab.

The equivalent zodiac sign in Western Astrology is Cancer.

The Water element is associated with this sign and the planetary ruler is the Moon.

The following Nakshatras come under this Vedic moon sign : Punarvasu (Pada 4), Pushya, Ashlesha.

Kark Rasi : Personality Traits

Ruled by the Moon, the traits of people born in Kark Rashi are highly unpredictable. Their behavior is easily manipulated by others without their knowledge. This may not match the situation and may not reflect their true persona. They look for directions from others in their day today activities. Sometimes the Karka Rasi tend to be considerate and compassionate. They are endowed with a charisma of their own.

People born in the Kark Rasi are nurturing and love their families. They may seem hard from the outside, but in fact they are very soft and compassionate. They are blessed with the gift of intuition and perception. They are intellectuals who will think a lot before making any decision. They are extremely patient and devoted to their loved ones.

Individuals born in Kataka Rasi will be devoted and determined but will be easily cheated. These people get involved with the wrong people. Their achievements are because of their whole hearted efforts in their endeavors. Emotions need to be kept away from their passion to succeed. But their weaknesses cannot be hidden forever. They are home-bound and likely to run their businesses from home.

Kark Rasi people are likely to put on weight and will have a craving for people and substances. Culinary instincts are natural for these people. They might also be very moody and insecure about their relationships. As they are caring about others, they expect the same treatment in return. If they feel ignored, you can be sure they will go about with a long face. They are also known for their possessiveness and jealousy.

Karka Rashi : Health

Normally, the Karka Rashi people maintain good physical fitness. Likely ailments are connected with mind such as hypertension as well as with chest and digestive organs. They need to be careful about pressure ulcers that they might develop due to stress and tension. They might also have some lymph gland related issues. Karaka females need to be careful about their breasts.

Kark Rasi : Finance

Financially the Karka Rasi will have a successful life by their achieving their targets. But their growing ambitions may cause hurdles. They dread any kind of insecurity in the future and will plan their money well. But this might also lead to hoarding and not enjoying their current life. This is one Rasi that will save for the rainy day by saving and budgeting from day one.

Kark: Relationships

People born in Karkataka Rashi tend to attract older and more powerful partners. Marriage too will be at a later age than normal. Normally family life will be excellent unless their hidden expectations cause problems. They make excellent romantic partners who will pamper their lovers with gifts, chocolates and flowers. They are dreamers and will go to any extent to please their partners. One will find their homes filled with momentos, albums and other nostalgia filled stuff.

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Kataka : Professions

The Kark Rashi people have an affinity towards water. Sea faring careers like shipping, scuba diving, rafting, sailing will be suitable for them. They also enjoy water sports to a great extent. Suitable professions are as Chefs, Architects, HRD Managers, Lawyers, Police and Marketing Professionals. They are quick to learn languages and can make a lot of money in careers related to travel.

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