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Ruby Dream Meaning

Dreaming of Ruby and Its Meaning, Interpretation and Symbolism

Dreaming of Ruby and Its Meaning In Your Waking Life

Ruby is a precious stone that is red corundum. What does dreaming of seeing a ruby mean? This dream symbolizes passion, romance, financial freedom, wealth, happiness, and sexuality. The ruby dream symbol signifies new beginnings and spiritual enlightenment.


Ruby dreams are a positive omen. Positive things will start manifesting in your life because of your hard work and determination. Your commitment will enable you to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Dreaming of wearing jewelry made out of rubies signifies financial abundance and good luck. This is the best time to take financial risks that will bring you great returns.

According to the ruby dream analysis, dreaming of rubies means that love, romance, and passion will make their way into your love life. Positive changes will enable you to become a better version of yourself and reach your highest potential.

Bestowing someone a ruby in your dream means that you should share your blessings with others. Be considerate of other people’s needs. The more you share your blessings, the more blessings will manifest in your life. However, ensure that few people do not take advantage of your generosity and kindness.


Based on the ruby dream dictionary, a woman dreaming of receiving a red ruby signifies giving birth to a girl child. A green ruby represents a boy child. The ruby dream symbol is a sign of fertility and family expansion.

Dreaming of being surrounded by rubies signifies wealth and good luck in your endeavors. Nothing in your life will easily fail because you are determined to make things better. Romance will be your portion; therefore, be ready to explore new things and go on adventures with your partner.

Dreaming of losing a ruby signifies keeping stock of your finances and saving for rainy days.

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