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Tiger And Tiger Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Introduction: Chinese Tiger & Tiger Zodiac Signs

The couple born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the tiger will be identical to each other. Will their similarities bring them together? Will the Tiger man Tiger woman relationship be long lasting ? Will a Tiger Tiger friendship have a future?


The tiger has an alluring personality. Because of this, they will easily attract and be drawn to another tiger. They are seductive, original, and kind-hearted. They will typically be very loving and kind to those that they care about. They are brave and autonomous.

The tiger in a romantic relationship with another tiger could have a connection that is epic

Tiger Tiger Love Compatibility

This couple born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the tiger might or might not be able to have a successful romantic relationship. Neither tiger will want to be controlled by the other. Both will not let the other control them.


The blissful stage of the relationship might last only as long as the Tiger is dating another Tiger. They are likely to have difference of opinions about which one will control what area of their lives. They do not like to have disagreements. The Tiger male and Tiger female in love will disagree over who is in control.

They might be immediately attracted to each other and because of this will be very loving at first. However, they will both need some time alone and separate space to be happy. If either tiger feels the other is dominating them, they might feel compelled to cheat on their partner.


However, the tiger will throw a lot of their energy into the wrong goals. They would rather fight to have their way, instead of compromising with someone which would be more productive.

The two born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the tiger will make a lively and charismatic couple. They will have an intense relationship. Both of them will be attractive and smart. They also adore being daring. Even in bed the Tiger man and Tiger woman will want to be the boss, sexually satisfying the other.

A tiger in a romantic relationship has to be managed a certain way. They need their independence and control no matter what kind of relationship they are in. They will be able to accept this need, but they might not be able to easily give it to another tiger.


A tiger in a marriage with another tiger might feel that it is passionate and impulsive and very exciting. Because of this, neither will want to end the relationship. If they fight over control too much, the love compatibility in this relationship is not likely to be very stable and this Tiger Tiger match will breakup.

According to Chinese astrology, the two might have problems because they will each draw others in. Because of this, either could be subject to temptation. Both will be somewhat stubborn and controlling. They could end up easily hurting each other’s feelings. They both know and understand each other’s attitudes.

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The tiger in a romantic relationship with another tiger could have a connection that is epic. However, this Chinese animal sign couple will also fight with that much passion. They tend to be disagreeable and controlling. If both of them display these traits there will be a lot of disagreements. They might have some friendly debates.


However, overall they will fight. Because of this, their marriage compatibility is not likely to be strong. The two can be good humored and this can help them to overlook their disagreements. They will both like to spend money. They are not likely to make a budget and stick to it.


At the same time, they will not fight over a lack of money. Their similarities are all the wrong ones to make this an easy relationship. The Tiger Tiger friendship might not last long because it will be a tiring one for both of them.


If they want to make the relationship long lasting, they will both need to respect each other’s space and not pressure each other too much.

Tiger & Tiger Chinese Horoscope Compatibility Rated 3 Hearts!

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  1. Tiger and Tiger is a NO-NO!!! Two tiger will only bite each other heads off and only one will prevail. Example is Marilyn Monroe and Joe Dimiggio, divorced and one died. Angelina Jolie’s parents are tigers and both are divorced and one died due to breast cancer. Other zodiac signs are okay to pair up like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are cats and they are doing fine. Tigers are a no-no in the pairing up in the CHinese Zodiac.

  2. I believe a 2 tigers can be together

    • yes, just like 2 chainsaws at each other. Angelina Jolies’s parents were tigers and they are now divorced and one died her mother. Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio were tigers, they are divorced and one died. Marilyn died.

      • These are just a few of the stars. There are more.

        • It’s best not to try the statistics. You would rather be with the odds that are for you and not against you. Where is your greater amount of proof or proof at all or greater amount of statistics or statistics that two tigers are compatible with each other? You just can’t say that two tigers are compatible without showing examples of whom are. So far statistics does show that THEY ARE NOT COMPATIBLE AT ALL AND WILL LIKILY DIVORCE. TOO MUCH ALIKE IS NOT GOOD. IT CAN MAKE YOU MOSTLY OR JUST STRAY OFF.

  3. Any hope for me a Male tiger with a precious lady that I really want to be with? It is making me sad to read the compatibility stuff… it seems there is always a barrier when a rare opportunity comes my way 😔

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