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Number 11 Symbolism

What Is Number 11 Symbolism?

Everything has some sort of symbolism around it, and numbers have some very special symbolism of their own. There is a special name for the study of numbers and their symbolic meanings (and other interesting things about numbers as well) called numerology. In this article, we will discuss all these important facets of the number 11 symbolism, as well as a few other interesting symbolic traits this mysterious number holds.


In numerology, numbers have a special value. The number that we will be talking about today is the number eleven. Eleven has a special value in numerology because it is said to be a master number in numerology reading. It can be broken down into another important numerology number, and it is made out of two number one which gives it many symbolic qualities of the number one itself.



Number 11 Symbolic Meanings

In numerology, the number 11 is special. The numbers that people usually use to decode numerology meanings are just one through nine. This is part of the reason why eleven is such an important number.

Usually, a two-digit number would be broken down instead of being used as a whole. The number is used as a whole because it is made up of two of the same number. Because of this trait, eleven is called a master number. Master numbers have some of their special symbolism, which adds to the symbolism of the number eleven.


The number eleven has both positive and negative traits. The positive symbolic traits of the number eleven are things like instinct, charisma, and excitement. Some of the eleven more negative traits are anxiety, conflict, and zero focus. These traits are much like the traits of the numerology number one, but simply more intense and exaggerated.


The number eleven meaning can also be broken down like another two-digit number. To make it simple, to break down eleven you just make it 1+1, which makes 2. The number two has some great symbolism that can help to enhance the symbolism of the number eleven.

Number 2

Like the number eleven, the number two also has positive and negative traits. Some of the number two’s positive traits are sensitivity, intelligence, and cooperation. However, some of the more negative traits of the number two are laziness, carelessness, and unhappiness.

Of course, the number eleven’s symbolism is not fully dependent on the symbolism of other numbers. The number eleven is sometimes said to be a pure or prime number in numerology and math in general. The number eleven can symbolize balance and vision as well.

It is also several opposites. It can symbolize balance in this way, but also female and male energies. Other balanced symbolism can be found within the number eleven as well. The balance of hard work and relaxation, emotion, and rational thought, and any other opposites you can think of that need to stay in balance.

If you see the number eleven in your life, then it may mean that you need more balance within your own life. Of course, if you look for the number eleven enough, then you are sure to find it. Make sure that you are not just looking for the number instead of finding it.

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