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Dream Birds Animal Totem Symbolism & Meanings

Dream Birds Animal Totem Symbolism

Birds are the graceful creatures of the sky, symbolizing the earthly element of air. Of all the elements, air is most concerned with communication with ourselves through our thoughts. Dreams offer the perfect vehicle for doing such. Birds hold deep symbolism both when we see them in nature and when they fly into our dreams. They speak to us directly of a higher method of thinking, encouraging us to make connections between our thoughts and actions.


Ancient cultures viewed birds as the true messengers of the almighty gods, as they were the creatures that could get closest to heavens. Often times, they are associated with uplifting and positive themes, such as independence and flexibility, release, creative inspiration and imagination, and a heightened sense of awareness. Above all (no pun intended), birds are the ultimate symbol of spirituality.


Dream Bird Associated Traits

Independent, Flexible, Creative, Inspirational, Imaginative, Freedom, Nonrestrictive, Proactive, Poise,


Symbolic Meaning Of Bird Dreams

If a bird symbol comes flapping into your dreams, it is symbolizing freedom, releasing yourself from limitations and inhibitions. It is signaling you to let go and search for your inner self. When you release yourself from strict expectations and preconceptions, you are able to get in tune with a deeper level of yourself, free from social constructions, limitations, and boundaries. Coming in touch with the bird dream symbolism is a process of enhancing ourselves spiritually and emotionally, which is the first and most necessary step toward true enlightenment.


In order to learn from the divine messages that birds may bring to us in our dreams, we must first be open to their teachings. We must prepare ourselves to absorb information and spiritual guidance by cleansing our minds of impurities, making them a “blank slate“. This involves being proactive, asking ourselves questions about the thoughts and emotions that we have during our waking hours.


By focusing on any internal or external issues that we may be experiencing in our lives, we give the bird dreams symbolic meaning an area to guide us in. As peaceful beings who always reflect acting with poise, flying birds aim to bring us to a similar state of refinement. In order for us to live happily and meaningfully, the dream bird animal totem tells us that we must release any and all negativity that is holding us back. This includes holding grudges against others, self-shame, feelings of inadequacy, lack of confidence, anger, jealousy and indecision, just to name a few.

Certain bird spiritual totems have specific symbolic messages to teach both our sleeping and waking minds, making it important to recognize which one is speaking to you and when. Owl animal totem, for example, are wise old creatures that typically instruct us to exercise scrutiny and discernment during the dark times of our lives while cardinals speak of love and compassion. The blue jay encourages us to have confidence in ourselves and to speak up, asserting ourselves when need be.

The little sparrow animal guide, on the other hand, reminds us to be frugal and gracious for all that we already have. Both magpies and crows speak to our curious sides, coming when we have mysteries to solve in our lives. They help us to be fearless in times of change. Furthermore, the vicious falcon spirit totem soars into our unconscious minds as a representation of our need for clarity and freedom, which we can only obtain by utilizing our intellectual power.

After analyzing the symbolic messages that dream bird meanings provide us with in our sleep, it is important that we figure out how to apply them to our waking lives. Each bird and each dream are special and unique, speaking directly to the individual about his or her own circumstances. However, there are a few general instructions that we can take to heart after a bird has spoken to us in our dreams.

Birds are encouraging, and by calling out to us the dream bird symbols are emboldening us to spread our own wings and fly to new horizons. Without the fear of falling; the journey is just as valuable as the end result. Consider new goals and new pathways that could enrich your life and do not be afraid to change your course of action, just like the bird adjusts to the wind.

Sometimes, you must not be afraid to follow your heart. While logic and reason are essential tools, there are times when you must trust your own instincts and see where they take you. Lighten up and embrace a more worry-free attitude. You are fully equipped with all that you need to allow your spirit to soar through life, You need only listen to your inner voice.

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