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Sparrow Animal Totem Symbolism & Meanings

Sparrow Animal Totem Symbolism

The small but proud sparrow is one of the most common birds. However, it is often overlooked, its power taken for granted. Although it is small, the sparrow animal totem is both powerful and productive. It’s persistence and integrity shows us that we do not have to be big to make a difference. We also do not need to have the biggest and best things in order for our voices to be heard.


The sparrow symbolism reflects the self-worth that each of us should feel for ourselves regardless of external factors. This energy and passion for ourselves is within each of our hearts somewhere, waiting to be awakened. These little songbirds want us to sing our soul’s own song, just as they do. In addition to inspiring us to love ourselves, the sparrow spirit guide also symbolizes other joyful and caring qualities, such as creativity, community, friendliness, and the importance of simplicity.


Sparrows are bird totems that had long-standing symbolic value in the past. In ancient Britain, for example, sparrows symbolized the friendly spirits of the household. As time progressed on, though, the sparrow became a symbol of peasants and the lower classes. This is quite strange when you think of how the Greeks believed that this little bird was the pet of Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

Sparrow Associated Traits

Powerful, Productive, Friendly, Persistent, Integrity, Simplicity, Caring, Creativity, Vigilant, Communal, Empowerment


Symbolic Meaning Of Sparrow

As a worker, the sparrow teaches us to be vigilant, hard-working, and productive. In the wild, these birds are constantly working to ensure the comfort in their lives, collecting food and gathering. If we want to live happy and bountiful lives, the sparrow animal guide stresses the need for us to keep from being idle. We must work for what we want. By accomplishing things that we can be proud of, we will also continue to boost our self-esteem and sense of worth.


The sparrow symbolism are also a wonderful symbol of protection and communal involvement, as they achieve their power through strength of numbers. Sparrows are not independent birds, but that is not to say that they are desperate or needy. On the contrary, these birds can be fierce in their own little way. They care very deeply for their community, and thus see the benefits of working together for common causes. The members of the clan teach each other to cooperate and evenly share responsibilities – something that we could all learn a lot from.


Often times, we may become frustrated and argue with our roommates, significant others, or co-workers who we feel are freeloading off of us. The sparrow symbolic meaning inspires us to stand up for ourselves, but also stresses the importance of compassion and the emphasis on team work in our defense. Sparrows move, eat, rest, and partake in all other activities as a group, which can be quite intimidating for a predator, no matter how large and fierce it is. This goes to show us that we needn’t think that we only have ourselves in the world. We would do well to learn from this communally-oriented living.

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When a sparrow animal spirit  flits into your life, it is imploring us to recognize our own self-worth. Although tiny, this creature can act as a massive source of empowerment for us. Do not underestimate yourself and your abilities. Instead, puff your own chest up full of energy and elegant pride, singing your own tune and marching to the beat of your own drum. It reminds us to respect ourselves and act with dignity, showing us that even something as small as a sparrow can triumph in this great big world.


As an animal totem, the sparrow speaks to us of living with joy, minimizing stress and unpleasantness. When a sparrow symbol frequents our dreams, we can take it as a sign to put some faith in ourselves. Additionally, the dreamt bird can also signify that we need to examine our personal workload.


Ask yourself if you have taken on too much or if someone else in your community is not fulfilling their share of the duties. In order to fly high and freely, enjoying the “wind beneath our wings”, it is important we keep the burdens to ourselves light.

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    Put a bird on on it Bern.

  4. Only the pure of heart. Ever since my oldest daughter was a small child, she has had wild birds landing on her finger, her shoulder and when she was very small I would see her conversing with them in the yard. Bernie is truly someone special who understands the circle of life and the importance of restoring balance to our world. #FEELTHEBERN

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  7. “Sparrow” is a family of birds, not a single species.

  8. Leif Erik Knutsen

    A well and good but I believe the bird that landed on Bernie’s podium was a Finch, not a sparrow. A close look at the tape will show a green tinge to the feathers which would make it a male Lesser Goldfinch. I am surprised that more folks have not picked up on the green as it also has great symbolism for the movement.

  9. Leif Erik Knutsen

    The bird that landed on Bernie’s podium had a green tinge to it and I am surprised more folks did not notice for it to has great symbolism. However if confirmed that would make the bird a Lesser Goldfinch, not a sparrow.
    “Males in most of the range have solid black upperparts, except for the males of the subspecies hesperophilus, in the far western U.S. and northwestern Mexico, which have olive-green napes and backs.”

  10. In the past week a sparrow has hit the window at my job twice. Now today a sparrow hit the wall outside my apartment hit the ground n just sat by my Jeep. I did ask the sparrow what is was trying to tell me. I also bent done in front of the sparrow too make sure it was ok. I thought maybe it broke it’s little neck,but it was moving it so that wasn’t the case. I took my husband to work and returned back home and it hadn’t moved. So I backed my Jeep up in front of my apartment it still didn’t move. It did fly away when I shut my Jeep door and it hasn’t came back. I know it is trying to tell me something but I can’t figure what. Should I be worried cause it is like following me.

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