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Crystal Magick – Crystals With Air Elemental Properties

Crystal Magic – Crystals With Air Elemental Properties

In this article, we will take a look at a few crystals used in crystal magic that are associated with air elemental properties.

Crystal Associations

Thinking, Knowledge, Logic, Intelligence, Reasoning, Freedom, Recall, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra


#1. Citrine

Citrine crystal can tie you to the divine realm, clearing out the path to allow your use of power, mental focus, and creativity to increase the inherent beauty in your life. It brings mental clarity of thought and vision that the Air element is so renowned for. Citrine can help you open up in the face of confusion and uncertainty.


#2. Diamond

Diamond is a gemstone often seen as being associated with perfection, and is known to be a powerful healer. It lends it’s inherent strength of form to the one in need of such healing. Diamond can clear obstructions in your crown chakra, allowing energy to flow freely in and out from the divine source.


#3. Mica

Mica serves as a reflection point so that you can see your own imperfections in your inner humanity. The stone is heart centered for all it’s air associations. It can help in clearing the site and communication of our inner feelings because of it. It’s clarity of vision can also allow you to identify the inner workings of others, and thus can be good to assist in dealing with others when it comes to crystal magic.


#4. Opal

Opal is a form of quartz, and is formed of both silica and water. It will not form in areas with little water, and the finished stone can in fact crack if allowed to get too dry. In this sense the Opal gemstone can be used to balance out our earthy associations by providing some fluidity to it. It’s semi-translucent nature allows you to see clearly in the face of emotion.


#5. Tiger Eye

Tiger eye can banish scattered energies, helping you recenter and become reenergized in the face of being confused, or depleted in your energies. It can enhance willpower, integrity, and practicality, and enhance the functioning of your Solar Plexus Chakra. Like the eyes of the creature it references, tiger eye can also bring clarity of vision, while grounding out fear.


#6. Topaz

Topaz is associated with true love and successful ventures. It enhances our sense of being an individual by building our confidence to do so. The elements of joy, serenity, and generosity this gemstone brings about enhances all these qualities. Topaz is well-known for its ability to store energy within itself. Other colors exist, and have their own properties, golden is an excellent psychic battery, pink for attracting love.

#7. Turquoise

Turquoise bears the bright blue of the sky, while being firmly entrenched in the earth. It is the balance of the material and the immaterial. It can help us enter the realm of meditation by absorbing things out of balance and helping bring us to a spiritual center.

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