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10 Natural Ways To Get Good Sleep

Do You Suffer From Insomnia?

We all have trouble sleeping from time to time, some of us even have insomnia where we can’t get to sleep at all. This makes for irritable workers, partners and parents the next day!

This is not a good look for the insomniac or for the people trying to deal with them! So here are some natural remedies for helping you get to sleep at night.

Why Sleeping Pills Are Not Good For You?

Before exploring these proven natural remedies lets start by talking about why sleeping tablets and other synthetic man made solutions are not good for you. Sure they may appear to be a quick fix. However you may become addicted to them, not being able to sleep without them.

Worse still they may cause depression if used over long periods of time. This may be because the sleep induced is not the same quality, natural sleep that you get without sleeping aids. Products such as Valium and Diazepam which many people use to help drift off are only supposed to be temporary one off solutions, not long term medications.

How To Get a better night's sleep

In fact it is claimed that Valium is more addictive than drugs! As for its long-term side effects they include memory loss even in young people and an inability to cope with or without the drug! Meanwhile for Diazepam the side effects are undue excitement and rage, not what you would expect from a drug that is supposed to be relaxing you for sleep!

Meanwhile the milder form of sleeping tablet, Normasin (Temazepam) is only meant to be taken temporarily too. It is forbidden for women to take this during pregnancy. Also some people who take this sleeping pill may be at risk if they have undiagnosed respiratory, depression, heart conditions or kidney disease.

In addition to this, Normasin can be highly addictive so is not recommended for alcohol or drug addicts or again for people who may have an addictive personality but who have not been formally diagnosed. Recent scientific research indicates that there is actually a gene or part of a gene, an allele that is responsible for addictive behaviour. This predisposes people to addiction throughout their life!

why sleeping tablets and other synthetic man made solutions are not good for you.

 Natural Remedies For Good Sleep

Now we have looked at why sleeping tablets are not so good for you let us look at some remedies and techniques you can use to sleep well naturally:-)

#1. No Exercise Just Before Bedtime

Make sure you do not exercise or eat less than 3 hours before bed. The only exception is of course if you eat a very small meal, a supper which may itself induce sleep.

Just avoid those large meals, laden with carbohydrates and fat! Not what you want it to be sitting in your stomach just before you go to sleep!

#2. No Work Emails Or Calls In Bed

Be strict with work emails and phone calls unless of course your job means you are on 24/7. As for office jobs many people are fine taking brief emails or calls up until 7pm.

That is your decision but do have some cut off point. This is a way your mind and body shuts down the work you from the play and sleeping you!

No Work Emails Or Calls In Bed

#3. Daily Exercise

Do some exercise either on the way home from work or at home. Even a walk around the block, taking a dog for a walk is good. Alternatively if you have a few groceries to get, walk to the store and back instead of driving.

#4. Going Out

If you do go out during the working week, have fun socializing but avoid really big meals and excess alcohol. It may be fun but your sleep quality will be worse.

On top of that you may if you have a late night find you have gone past sleep when you get home. Not a good look for a professional office worker!

If you do go out during the working week, have fun socializing but avoid really big meals

#5. Right Room Temperature

If your body is not at the right temperature for you it will find it hard to get into sleep mode. Essentially you have to find out what works best for you. Some people like their room a bit warm, others significantly colder. If you are one of the cooler people, put a fan on a couple of hours before bed, shut the door to get your bedroom nice and chilled.

You can also buy pillows called chillows in the USA which will keep your head cool all night. This is especially important if you suffer from diabetes (experience temperature fluctuations) or are a woman experiencing hot flushes or if you simply like a cool pillow to lay your head on as you drift off to sleep.

#6. Listen To Music

Listen to quality, slow chill out or classical music. This type of music usually slows your brain down, is positive and creative but not too stimulating unlike pop and rock music. However some people may prefer rock or pop and if that works thats great. Try experimenting is all I am saying, especially with things you might not ordinarily try like classical music.

God music for sleep

#7. No Arguments

Avoid any arguments before you go to bed if you can! This is a sure way to keep you awake all night, even if you do resolve them, it may have gotten you all excited and unnerved!

#8. A Hot Bath

Yes that’s right! Then cool a bit, then possibly go into your fan-cooled room. Nirvana! You will sleep like a baby!

A Hot Bath for good sleep

#9. Essential Oils

Vaporize oils such as Lavendar known to be sleep-inducting. Other essential oils include Vetiver and Valerian oils which produce calming and tranquilizing (natural) effects!

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#10. Massage

Get a massage about 2-3 hours before bed and you will again sleep like a baby! There is nothing like having a whole body massage, that unblocks trapped energy, kneads out tension in your muscles, it is like a fine tuning of your body restoring it to its natural balance.

Get a massage about 2-3 hours before bed and you will again sleep like a baby

So there you have 10 alternative ways to get to sleep instead of popping that sleeping tablet. Natural sleep is always the best!

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