Bibliomancy it is another method of seeking answers to the questions we find ourselves asking about our lives. The use of a religious quote may help us to find a correct and ethical option in regard to resolving a concern. It uses the word from a sacred book and while we in the West may think of the Bible as the holy book there are many other books from other faiths that are just as significant.

Ask your question of the Bibliomancy Analyzer, select the appropriate religious text and receive an almost immediate answer. Bibliomancy which is also called libromancy or stichomancy is the practice of divination with quotations generated usually from the holy book of a religion. This can be used as a guide when you are trying to select a course of action.

Bibliomancy refers to the use of books in divination. The books that are selected are most often the sacred books of various faiths. Some will call this “Bible divination” but while the Bible is often used there are many other sacred volumes.

The quotation selected can assist you in making your decision and reaching your goals as you seek success. The purpose of the tool is to assist you along your way. The bibliomancy calculator uses quotes from many religions: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism and the I Ching to assist in resolving issues.

Bibliomancy has the ability to aid you in answering some of the more urgent concerns you may have elegantly and easily. There are some questions that are quite common, amongst these are:

  • Will I have good life?
  • Am I loved?
  • Will I marry?
  • Am I liked by…..?
  • Will I be appealing?
  • Will I find good employment?
  • Will wealth come to me

And there are thousands of other possible question so go ahead and ask about what you want to know.

Using bibliomancy has never been so simple. And the practice does provide good answers to your problems in life. You enter your question and select the religious text from which would like to obtain an answer, and the result will take just moments.

You will receive a quotation from the religious text you have selected which should refer to the question you asked. And this text will help you to find the answer you are seeking.

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Since all of us at times run into problems that will not resolve readily for us the use of bibliomancy can be helpful. Even now many of us are still practicing our faith and this is an interesting way in which to ask for guidance from our holy books.

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