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Mayan Zodiac: Ik – Wind

Mayan Day Sign Ik

Alternative Name: Wind

Important Keywords:

Words for wind people to meditate on are: telepathic, communication, intelligence, psychic, grounding, and inspiration.

Position In Mayan Astrology

The second day sign of the Mayan zodiac is Wind. Wind is symbolic of communication and intelligence. People born under the Ik sign are changeable, adaptable and natural romantics. They often have trouble with commitment in relationships.

In Mayan culture the wind is symbolic of the breath of life. They are the communicators who will inspire many with their words.


General Characteristics

Like the traveling winds people born under the Maya Wind energy have the gift of communication. The wind is a symbol of spirit and those born under wind or Ik often feel the need to ground themselves.

The gift of communication and sharing of ideas comes naturally to wind signs. They are close to spirit and these people will find their words drifting like the wind to touch many people. They will often find themselves in positions as counselors to those closest to them because of their inspiring words and intelligent insight.

The mind of Mayan Wind Horoscope Sign people is very active. They are constantly thinking, which often makes them overlook things that are happening around them. Despite being lost in their own thoughts other people love having conversations with wind people. They are very interesting conversationalists.


Positive Traits

The Mayan astrology Ik sign people are knowledgeable with a wonderful sense of awareness about themselves and of their surroundings. They have many interests and will often have more than one career. They can make great public speakers, musicians and singers.

Spiritually they have the gift of telepathic communication and psychic abilities. They can make great psychologists, managers or politicians. They also may pursue becoming an inventor or working in a civil office position.wind ik mayan sign

They are sensitive to how things look around them and are very mindful of their own appearance. They have a strong imaginations which will go a long way in helping them find solid romantic relationships.

Negative Traits

A Wind Mayan zodiac sign person’s moods can change like the wind and they can become cold and distant. This can negatively affect their relationships.

Their changing minds can make them indecisive over thinkers and prone to self destruction. Their indecision makes them have commitment issues. Their minds also have a tendency to drift like the wind.

They can become dishonest and may be inconsiderate of the feelings of others and try to do whatever they please no matter how others may feel. They need to remain focused. Their immense personal power can make others feel a sense of hatred and anxiety around them.

The lesson in life for the Ik Maya sign is to be patient and believe in themselves. They should try not to react negatively to their surroundings or get hung up in their insecurities. They are more in control of things than they realize.

As their mind drifts off to day dreams they can be here one day and gone the next. This can lead them to be very imposing and dishonest towards others.

Ik/Wind Days

On Wind days the Maya would give thanks for all of the blessings of the creator. If you suffer from depression it is a good day for healing those with imbalance.

Wind Symbolism

Lucky Direction: The best direction for the Wind Maya sign is the NORTH.

Lucky Color: The colour that will bring luck to the Mayan Ik sign is WHITE.

Lucky Gemstone: The Lucky gemstone for the Wind Mayan astrology sign is  SODALITE.

Animal Totems: The animal totems for the Ik Maya sign are the Hummingbird, Weasel and Bobcat.

Famous Celebrities Born Under Ik / Wind Maya Day Sign:  Elizabeth Taylor, Ben Affleck, Will Smith

Mayan Astrology Compatibility: The Ik Wind sign is compatible with the Mayan signs of Dog, Death, Jaguar, North and Flint. Mayan zodiac compatibility is good with those from the South such as Road, Wisdom, Sun, Seed, and Net.

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