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Saturn In Cancer Sign: Meaning, Significance And Personality Traits

The Saturn In Cancer: Significance and Meaning

The Saturn in Cancer people care for everyone around them without letting anyone know about their worries.

Element And Quality: Water & Cardinal

Celebrities With Saturn In Cancer: Napoleon I, George W. Bush, Shakespeare, Donald Trump, Sylvester Stallone,

Positive Keywords for Saturn in Cancer: Intuitive, Nurturing, Caring, Loving, Traditional

Negative Keywords for Saturn in Cancer: Reserved, Manipulative, Insecure, Obsessive, Compulsive


The Saturn In Cancer: Personality


As a water sign Cancer is known for expressing themselves through their emotions. But Saturn in Cancer is more reserved and keeps their feelings bottled up inside. This has the potential to lead to anxiety or depression if they are unable to find a healthy way to articulate their thoughts.


Obsessive – Compulsive

This Cancer Saturn sign don’t want to appear as if they are unable to do anything else in life other than caring for others. This is a responsibility they feel they are required to do. This is almost to the point of obsessive-compulsive behavior. If they don’t fulfill this obligation they can feel useless or worthless.

The Saturn In Cancer

Positive Traits of the Saturn in Cancer

Saturn represents a kind of father figure in our lives in astrology, placing limitations on certain aspects of our decisions. Cancer is known for their emotional outbursts. But Saturn in Cancer holds back these tendencies to avoid showing any weakness. Taking care of their family is of the utmost importance to them.


Cancer is all about keeping the tradition. Saturn in Cancer is very strict about adhering to certain guidelines that they’ve embodied their entire life. But certain things that happened years before can also haunt them if they don’t find a way to make peace with them. This is usually another area where family and friends can help.


Negative Traits of the Saturn in Cancer

It is important to be less obsessive if Saturn in Cancer is to be healthy as well. This kind of anxiety can affect them not only mentally but physically as well. They will often feel a heavy weight on their chest if they are constantly concerned with maintaining control of their emotions.

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They need to find a healthy outlet for expressing these concerns. Talking to their inner circle and letting go of their inhibitions can be helpful. But this is only as long as they are willing to admit they are not as strong as they want others to believe. But those closest to them already know this. And once they realize that fact, this Cancer Saturn person will be better equipped to handle their anxieties.


The Saturn in Cancer people have to learn it’s okay to rely on others. It is okay to lean on the shoulders of those who have leaned on theirs for most of the time. Insecurity doesn’t have to be crippling, as long as they have a way to deal with it and get rid of it. Thankfully because they are so caring, they have a strong support group to back them up in their time of need. Saturn in Cancer doesn’t like to feel helpless, but it’s all a part of being human.


The other obstacle for Saturn in Cancer to overcome is their obsession with the past. Sometimes it is difficult for them to forgive or forget something that happened a long time ago, and this can weigh them down also.


What the Saturn in Cancer needs to understand is that their family and friends love them no matter what. This is the one thing that can help raise their self-confidence. They need to learn to let go of their anxiety and their guilt to maintain a happy and stress-free lifestyle.


If they feel any guilt or disappointment with something that happened, they have to either talk to someone about it or find a way to view the situation in a different light. Once they can let go of these feelings, they will find many more opportunities ready to open up to them.

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