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Right Left Brain Test

Right Left Brain Test Quiz

The Left-Right Brain Test allows you to know which side of your brain is dominant and which of your skills may be strongest. In a dog-eat-dog world, it is a useful thing to know your best areas of aptitude and your weakest areas of skills. This can help you to choose a business partner, a friend, or even a career.


The two sides of the brain each perform specific tasks without being in touch with each other. How the brain works and which side is dominant affects an individual’s character and how they cope with life.


The more you know about brain function, the better you will understand the capabilities and how best to use them. There is also a very small group of people who use both sides of the brain equally.


Right Left Brain Test

Right Brain Functions

The right brain covers activities such as:

• grasping the whole
• interest in creativity
• better intuition
• excellent imagination
• better emotional response
• understanding the symbols
• spatial perception
• living in a dream world
• taking risks

left brain right brain

Right Left Brain Test

Left Brain Functions

The left side of the brain works more with:
• linguistic skills
• mathematics and logic – Following rules and deadlines
• controlling various activities
• detail
• respecting regulation and time frame rules
• practicalities
• the ability to understand instructions
• the ability to perceive patterns
• reality

brain test

As you can see, the functions of one side of the brain are almost opposite to those of the other side.


In 2014, being aware of where your best skills are, is a definite asset. This allows us to show our virtues, and to hide our flaws. We could not do this if we did not know what they were. This awareness aids us in deciding on careers and even life partners.

It can also be helpful to those around us to know if we are right-brained or left-brained, as it can explain certain behaviors. For each of us, the world is different according to what we face in our daily lives, and an understanding of how we think may help us to adapt more readily to situations we must cope with.

For these reasons, the right-left brain quiz is very useful. The more that we learn about ourselves, the better we can fit into the world as we know it.

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