Seahorse Animal Totem Symbolism & Meanings

Seahorse Animal Totem Symbolism

Although tiny, the friendly little seahorse animal totem has much value in the spiritual world, especially to sailors and seafarers. Its meanings are beautiful and quite detailed, much like its sometimes microscopic body. They are known to be calm and mild creatures who are content being who they are. This is perhaps the greatest seahorse symbolism, and they urge others to be equally as comfortable with themselves.

Seahorses animal guides by their very design are neither aggressive nor frantic animals. They move slowly with the current, exercising a great deal of patience and contentment. Additionally, they represent restraint, perception, and rigidness. While they are certainly small, this doesn’t detract from their inherent stubbornness.

The seahorse totem is a persistent little creature, and when one comes floating into your life he is encouraging you to be the same in the pursuit of your goals. You should exercise balance, of course, and be mindful not to be too inflexible or stubborn while still holding your ground. This animal can be of assistance to you when you are feeling lost or confused.

The sea horse spirit guide asks you to take a good look at your surroundings and situations that you are involved in in order to gain a better, more clear perspective on your life. If you can understand your circumstances better, you will be able to develop a plan of action accordingly. Additionally, the seahorse symbol has long been deemed a good luck charm, and a little luck can go a long way.

Seahorse Associated Traits

Calm , Mild, Slow, Patient, Content, Clear, Understanding, Lucky, Persistent, Rigid, Perceptive, Unique, Peaceful


Symbolic Meaning Of Seahorse

Seahorse symbols have always been recognized for their uniqueness. The ancient Greeks and Romans associated the seahorse with the gods of the sea (Poseidon and Neptune, respectively), and thus considered it a major symbol of power and strength. These gods were highly feared, as they were capable of flooding the planet or unleashing hideous monsters at any moment, so it may come as a surprise that the un-intimidating seahorse was placed in such a category.

Chinese Zodiac Sign

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Chinese mythology also viewed the seahorse as a symbol of strength, classifying it as a type of sea dragon. However, they also considered it to be a sign of good luck to those on the waters. Other cultures also valued the seahorse, but with slightly different interpretations.

Europeans believed that the seahorse animal totem was the guide for those lost at sea. It was thought to be the carrier of the souls of deceased sailors, providing them with safe passage and protection while journeying to the underworld.

Individuals who mesh well with the seahorse symbolic meanings are comparable to valiant knights in shining armor. These people walk the talk when it comes to selflessness and often sacrifice their own needs to help others. People with the seahorse for their animal totem are the perfect big brothers or sister, having a strong desire to protect the young and those weaker than themselves. This is executed with a gentle strength and serenity, as these people are usually polite, considerate and courteous. If you are one of these people, your traits might be unusual but attractive at the same time.

Sometimes, males with a seahorse totem find role reversal occurring in their house. This is due to the nature of seahorses in the wild, in which females impregnate the males who then carry the babies to term. Men are very involved in caring for the children, just as the seahorse female prefers. If balance is practiced in our own households, we are bound to find greater peace and solidarity in the family.

When a seahorse spirit guide comes floating in to your dreams, it is serving as a representation of the power of your subconscious. Do not allow it to be disregarded or silenced. Listen to yourself. You may be developing a new outlook on life, one that could at least be educational if not monumental for your reigning perspective.

Likewise, an invisible seahorse symbol suggests the prevalence of emotional issues that you are neglecting to acknowledge. It implores you to allow yourself to feel. By recognizing your emotions, you are allowing your true desires to surface. Trust your instincts and feelings while also being open to new ideas. The seahorse animal guide has confidence in you.

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