Color Symbolism & Meanings In Dreams

Color Meanings In Dreams

Many people believe that different things or events in dreams can symbolize different things or even predict the future. In symbolism, colors mean something, and they are also important when it comes to dream symbolism. Dream symbolism and symbolism are two different things, but they usually have many qualities in common.

A lion could symbolize something in real life, but if you dream of something strange, like a blue lion, then it could represent something totally different. It would have some symbolic qualities of the real-life lion, as well the symbolic qualities of the color blue. This article will discuss some of the main colors seen in dreams, and what they can mean.


Red Symbolism

Red is a color with polar meanings. It is symbolic of energy and passion. You basic needs are shown by the color red. If you are lacking something physical in your life, then it may appear to be red in your dreams. Another thing that red can symbolize is anger and romance. If you are upset in your waking life, then you may see red in your dreams. If you ares sexually excited in your dreams, then you may see someone of your preferred sex wearing red.

Orange Meaning

The color orange symbolism in dreams is rather straight-forward. The color orange simply symbolizes balance. If there is a lot of orange in your dreams it may mean that you need to find more balance in your life. Something may be off-balance in your waking life, and your unconscious mind may be trying to show you this while you are dreaming. By maintaining balance in your life you are likely to dream of less orange things.

Yellow Symbol

The color yellow is bright and symbolizes happy and intellectual things. The color yellow deals a lot with a person’s waking life. Overall, yellow represents awareness in dreams. Yellow is almost like the opposite of orange in dreams. You may be balanced if you have yellow in your dreams, and you may be on the right path. In general, dreaming of the color yellow is a good thing.

Green Meaning

The color green relates quite a lot to plants. Plants grow and some plants can be used in medicinal ways. Green can also symbolically mean love and expansion. Dreaming of green may mean that there will be a change in your life in an expansion kind of way. There may be some growth in your life in the near future. You may also be simply feeling loved or at peace. Like yellow, dreaming of green is generally a positive thing.

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Blue Symbolic Meaning

Blue is a calming and clarifying color in dreams. It relates a lot to the symbolism around water. Strangely enough, the color blue symbolizes dreaming in and of itself. Because blue symbolizes dreaming, it also stands for mystery. Many things in dreams are confusing and shrouded in hidden meanings. Seeing blue in a dream may mean that you need to put more time into thinking about the things that confuse you in your living life.


Purple Color Meaning

Purple has much of the same meaning as the color blue, probably because they are very close in shade. Purple also represents peace and tranquility. Unlike the color blue, purple also represents the divine. If you are dreaming of the color purple then you may need to dip into your spiritual side, or simply take some time to relax. It may also mean that you life is peaceful; in this case, dreaming of purple is a good thing.

White Symbolism

White doesn’t really have a negative stance to it at all. White represents purity and innocence, as well as love and knowledge. If you dream of the color white, it may mean that you are at peace in your life, or that peaceful times are coming soon. Either way, dreaming of white is generally a good thing.

Black Meanings

Black is nearly the opposite of white in dream symbolism. The color black has mostly negative connotations to it. The color black usually represents sadness, loneliness, depression, anger, and mystery.

If you are dreaming of the color black a lot, you may need to change something about your life to live a happier and more peaceful life. Make sure to take care of yourself mentally and physically to see less black in your dreams.

Color symbolism is everywhere, not just in dreams. Aura colors relate closely to dream color symbolism. If you want to learn about aura color meanings, then you can read an article about it.

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