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How To Win Over Your Man?

Let’s face it men and women are different and they have different needs when it comes to romance. Guys can be a little dense – no offense guys – but seriously sometimes it takes more than a little flirting and dropping some hints to get you to make a move. At the same time, girls, don’t overdo it! Get free advice on how to win over your man without looking desperate.


Tips To Win Over Your Man

Do Not Chase Your Crush Away

It is a well-known fact that guys like to feel like they are in control and if the gal does the chasing, that is a recipe for a turnoff. Maybe this is why some parents have strict rules against their daughters calling guys – unless they called first.


That rule has probably saved many a young girl’s bacon from chasing their crush the other way. In today’s ever-on connected world it is certainly harder than ever NOT to try to contact a crush, but a little resistance can go a long way when it comes to courting.

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Look Your Best!

Before we get into getting the relationship started, it should be noted some general do’s and don’ts for women to be aware of when ready to pursue a crush beyond the ‘I think that guy is cute and I’d like to get a date with him’ phase. Remember that guys are visual so it is important to be visually pleasing.


That does not mean you have to be a super model, but it does mean that showing the best you look, is a key to getting noticed. Men are not into crazy fashion trends, so it is wise to tame down the show and just stick to basics that show off your best features. If you have a great smile, play it up with some gloss.


Likewise if your eyes sparkle – don’t hide them behind long bangs or glasses that might not flatter them. Got great legs – show them off – just not too much, remember guys have great imaginations too.

Be careful what assets you feature, you don’t want to send the wrong message. Despite what some people might think, too much of anything does not make it better. Of course it is also important to be you, so find your balance.

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Chemistry of Attraction

Chemistry is the unexplainable element in the attraction game. Once you get past the initial attraction, you need to find out if there is that undeniable feeling that seems to draw you both to each other. Therein lies the challenge, getting close enough to see if there is chemistry without being too obvious or as previously mentioned, giving him the feeling that you are chasing him.

Fortunately, there are lots of great ways ‘bump’ into your guy. Brief encounters where you just happen to be in his regular path are best. For example, if you know what his favorite hangout is – plan to be there with some other friends. Some experts will say – make a “three strikes” before you are out of a plan.

If you haven’t gotten a date or at least a call or text after three incidental meetings, be prepared to move on. There could be some chemistry, but if he doesn’t jump in he may not be ready for a relationship. On the other hand, if he is too quick to want to get you to go home with him, he may be picking up an unintended vibe from you.

That should be your wake-up call that you may have come on too strong. Be creative, get your friends involved, keep it light and brief and don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t end up in immediate romance in the first go around.

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Take Advice From Your Guy Friends

Ask some of your friend’s guys or guy pals, what attracted them to their gal. The answers might be a surprise. Although many times it is true that there will be a physical attraction of some sort in the beginning, most guys will tell you that there is something more when it comes to acting on their feelings.

Jim shared that his squeeze attracted his attention because she was not afraid to participate in a co-ed sport. “She was independent and willing to jump right in.” he explained. In a later discussion, he also shared that he liked that she also allowed the guys to help her, showing him a mix of strength and femininity.

That balance has paid off as they agree being independent is great, but letting Jim feel like her protector sometimes gives him the respect that men so desperately need to feel loved. Too much dependence can be a turn off – or set the wrong stage – so once you start seeing your new man open the communication up to find a balance in your relationship.

Be Yourself!

Again, don’t pretend to be someone or something that you are not. Starting a relationship out on a false pretense will not set the foundation for a lasting relationship no matter how much chemistry exists. Many of the same things that make up marriages that stand the test of time will work in developing a winning new romance.

Take some time to listen to what couples who still have that spark say about what has kept them together. Here are a few to get you started:

1. Be friends before lovers. Don’t expect that you will change the other person.

2. Be fun. Laugh often and a LOT. Make time to share good times and to make your relationship a priority.

3. Above all be honest! There are times when you should hold your tongue, realize not everything needs to be said, just be honest and true when you share.

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