How To Do Automatic Writing

How To Do Automatic Writing

Automatic Writing is a divination method many people know about but few people actually understand. Some people may even do it without knowing it’s divination. Here’s what it is, and how to do it.

Have you ever sat down with a pen and a notepad, and just doodled without thinking about it? In a lecture hall, or staring out the window in the rain, or on a sleepless night by a fire?

And then you might have looked back at it later, and noticed you’d written something down, or drawn a picture, or made patterns you don’t remember or didn’t realize you were making. Congratulations, you’ve just performed automatic writing.

Types of Automatic Writing

Automatic writing comes in two general flavors: Internal, and External. Both of them work the same way, but the sources of their information come from different places. Imagine your body is a typewriter, a set of keys that can produce content only if those keys are pressed. Automatic writers use their own bodies as that typewriter, and allow a source to manipulate those keys.

For internal-style automatic writing, you’re contacting your own subconscious. This is great for artists lacking inspiration, or people who cannot make a decision on something important. Enter a state of trance or meditation, however it is that you achieve that, and then let your hand flow over the surface, making marks however it pleases. When you have a feeling that page is finished, get a new one.

External automatic writing uses influence from somewhere or someone else. If you’re contacting a spirit, then raise them however your tradition dictates, and if you’re trying to read the mind of another, then they must be in actual physical contact with you. Preparations are much the same after that.

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Steps to do Automatic Writing

Basically, all you need is something to write with, and something to write on. A pen and some paper are the first things that come to mind, but this talent even works on the dust collected on a desk in an old attic or in the steam on your bathroom mirror. Once you’ve got your materials ready, you can begin.

It is very helpful to listen to white noise generated, say, from a radio tuned to a nonactive station or by one of the many white noise sites on the Internet, as that will drown out any outside sounds that might taint your automatic writing concentration.

It also helps to try this method in altered states of consciousness, such as lack of sleep, under the influence of foreign substances, or hyper- or hypo-ventilation. Altered states enhance the flow of the ideas directly from the brain to the hand, bypassing many of the filters that our conscious mind places on them.

Look at the pages you scrawled. Look for patterns, letters, words, or pictures. It’s your job to interpret them. Some pages will only have jumbled lines and not be of any use, but it is still crucial that you look at all of them – after returning to a non-altered state.

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