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Owl Animal Totem Symbolism & Meanings

Owl Animal Totem Symbolism

Owl, watcher of the night, wise counselor to the denizens of the woods. His great golden eyes peered into the dark, seeing all that goes on beneath him in the woods. Don’t try to hide from Owl’s sight, do not try to deceive him, for his wisdom pierces every veil. The Owl as a spirit guide is never fooled, and knows what drives the hearts of those he interacts with.

The Owl as an animal totem is a naturally inquisitive soul, and keeps to the deep dark of mystery. When making a decision, Owl carefully considers all. He will notice any inconsistencies, and will be driven to dig them out, to find the truth beneath the veil.

When he touches you as your spiritual totem, you will be more alert to the details that used to slip beneath your radar.

Owl Associated Traits

Pending Change, Intuition, Piercing deceit and masks, inner wisdom, impending death or transition


Symbolic Meaning Of Owl

The Owl symbol touches those whose lives he chooses to be a part of with a delight in the night-life. Owl is driven a bit to this darkness, every night we sleep, and in sleep we experience a little death. But every morning we are reborn, and in that time between darkness and light, the opportunity for change and transition occurs.

Owl will teach you the truth of your vices, the histories that drive your old habits and tendencies. By understanding them, we are able to face them, and by facing them, we are able to undo our habits and work to create new and better ones. So when the Owl visits, it’s time to pay attention to the dance of leaves, to the changing seasons of your life, and be prepared for a new beginning, big or small.

The Owl symbolism once carried negative connotations, being seen as an omen of death to those who it visited. The barn owl was in fact connected with the Banshee of Ireland, who’s cry was often said to deeply resemble the shriek of this creature. It was said that if an owl flew into your home, then someone inside was due to die.

Owl, if he visits you in your sleep, is telling you there are great secrets in your life that must be unearthed. They may be your own spiritual growth of secrets, or things being kept hidden by those around you.

The Owl meaning as your animal totem will help you dig them out. Make no mistake, you have but to listen and let his wings carry you through your dreams into enlightenment.

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