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Owl Spirit Animal Totem Meaning: Symbol Of Wisdom And Intuition

Owl Animal Totem – Find The True Meanings

The Owl Spirit Animal, also a watcher of the night, wise counselor to the residents of the woods. His great golden eyes peer into the dark, seeing all that goes on beneath him in the woods. So, don’t try to hide from Owl’s sight. Also, do not try to deceive him, for his wisdom pierces every veil. Moreover, the Owl totem as a spirit guide is not foolish. Also, it knows what drives the hearts of those he interacts with.


Furthermore, the Owl, as an animal spirit, is a naturally unique soul. Additionally, it keeps to the deep dark mysteries. So, when making a decision, Owl people carefully consider all. Also, they will notice any inconsistencies and will have the drive to dig them out. Besides, they have a niche to find the truth beneath the veil.


So, when he touches you as your spiritual totem, you will be more alert to the details. More so to the details that used to slip beneath your radar.

Native American Symbolism of The Owl

In Native American beliefs, the owl signifies wisdom and death. It is a bird that is held in high regard among the Native Americans. These people believe the Owl totem to be a wise bird was the guardian of sacred knowledge. The bird was believed to hold knowledge about weather patterns and the secrets of the afterlife.


Some Native American communities held the belief that some nocturnal birds accompanied the dead in the afterlife. For this reason, hearing the hooting of an owl in a compound or village was considered a bad omen or bad luck. Other communities believed that the owl was a symbol of the ancestors sending messages to them.

Seeing an owl in the night was a sign that one had to perform some rituals so that bad luck would not accompany them in their daily lives. Owls were also believed to be lazy birds because they were banished at night.


Christian Meaning Of The Owl Spirit Animal

In the Bible, the Owl animal totem is of great spiritual significance. The representation of the Owl in portraits, scrolls, and other literary works dates back to the period when man could either read or write. The Owl is mentioned five times in the Bible, and at times the same is substituted with Ostriches.

Owls are a symbol of wisdom as well. Christians believe that the Owl Totem holds a significant purpose in the deep understanding of the spiritual realm.

Owl Power Animal

When you have the wisdom of the owl as your power animal, you mirror its ability to see through the deception that surrounds you in life. Do not allow yourself to be used to further agendas that do not benefit anyone. The Owl power animal grants you the power to be able to interact with the hidden realms.

This power animal power will give you the ability to walk through the darkness of the night without fear. It is important to find support in the hidden voice of the divine realm through the night. Never let the darkness in your life cause you to doubt your existence and your ability to make things better.

Allow light to come into your life, and you will live a happy and fulfilled life. The hooting of the owl is a call to self-realization. Do the things in life that bring you joy. Focus on the person you are and what you can do to change your situation in life. When you are true to yourself, things will start falling into place in your life.

Owl Associated Traits

Pending Change, Intuition, Piercing deceit and masks, inner wisdom, impending death or transition.

Owl Spirit Animal

Symbolic Meaning Of Owl

The Owl totem touches those whose lives he chooses to be a part of. Moreover, the Owl is driven a bit by this darkness. So, every night that we sleep, and in sleep, we experience a little death. However, every morning we are reborn. Consequently, in that time between darkness and light, the opportunity for change occurs.

On the other hand, Owl Meaning will teach you the truth of your vices. Also, it will teach you the history that drives your old habits and tendencies. Therefore, by understanding them, we can face them. Consequently, by facing them, we can undo our habits and work to create new and better ones. So, when the Owl visits, it’s time to pay attention to the dance of leaves. Moreover, to the changing seasons of your life. Therefore, one should be ready for a new beginning, big or small.

The Owl symbolism sometimes carries negative connotations. Thereby, many see it as an omen of death to those whom it visits. Moreover, the barn owl has a connection to the Banshee of Ireland. Its cry often resembles the shriek of this creature deeply. Also, some believe that if an owl flew into your home, then someone close to you would die.

The Owl Bird In Dreams

If an owl visits you in your sleep, it tells you there are great secrets in your life that must come to light. They may be your spiritual growth of secrets. Or things that people close to you are hiding from you.

The Owl meaning your animal totem, will help you dig them out. So, you have to listen and be keen. Therefore, let his wings carry you through your dreams into enlightenment.

When birds appear in your dreams, it is a sign that you should let go of the negative energies in your life that hinder you from growing and progressing in life. Seeing an owl in your dreams can mean several things and not necessarily a sign that you need to let go of the negativity in your life. Owl dreams, in general, caution you to be aware of all the deception that is happening around you.

Owl meaning, according to a oneirologist, can be your conscious trying to tell you that you should pay attention to the things that are happening in your waking life. It can also be a sign that you need to pay attention to your thoughts. Dreaming of the owl is a sign that you need to start making steps toward seeking spiritual enlightenment.

Dreaming of many symbolizes that you will get meaningful advice from the many people that surround you. However, seeing a flying owl is not a good sign because it means that you will have numerous problems in your life. Seeing a dead owl in your dreams means that you will either lose your life or someone close to you will die.

Owl Spirit Animal: Conclusion

Owl Spirit Animal wants you to look within yourself and come up with ways in which you will become bigger and better and live peacefully. Always remain true to yourself and be honest with yourself and the people you interact with. Use wisdom to get through life and always focus on becoming the best that you can. Do not forget to always listen to your intuition.

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