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Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

If you would like to know your Guardian Angel’s name, it is simple to discover who your divine spirit is. Each of the Guardian Angels provides different skills and talents, and has different effects on our lives. Knowing what this influence is can be very helpful. This Guardian Angel reading is free and is quite detailed. Every one of us has a guardian angel. Which of the ministering spirits is my Guardian Angel?

The Guardian Angel calculator will quickly help you discover which of the fairy godmothers is yours. Guardian Angel is a guide and protector; sometimes they will appear as a fairy godmother, a spiritual symbol, or an angel who cares for us.

guardian angel

Not Even the Angels are without both negative and positive aspects which can affect us. A guardian messenger is representative of your characteristic traits, way of acting, and disposition. You can determine the appropriate Angel through your date of birth.

Some of the fairies who are often seen as Guardian Angels are: Gabriel, Uriel, Malachidiel, Muriel, Michael, Rafael, Ambriel, Asmodel, Verchieel, Barbiel, Advachiel, Hamaliel  Barchiel and Hanael.

Guardian Angel

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Sample Guardian Angel Reading

For example, for an individual born in the northern hemisphere on October 1, 1955 the Guardian Angel is St. Raphael. Rafael is an angel of journey sent by God to guide us to His intended joy. Rafael literally means “divine healer”. For the month of October the Guardian Angel Is Barchiel.

This Angel guides us to understanding our achievements and ourselves. For the Libra sun sign the Guardian Angel is Uriel, “the light of God” who always carries a scale in his hand. This helps to make us aware of both the good things and bad things we have done. This is a very short synopsis of the Guardian Angel reading provided for this birth date.

The daily Angel reading is also available. Angels in Greek mean messengers. Guardian Angels could be considered as spirits sent to watch over us during our mortal life, by God. This concept of the Guardians is said to be a long-held one in the Catholic Church. The Angels leads us toward virtue, good work and away from evil.

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