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Celtic Tree Astrology: Introduction

Celtic Tree Astrology Zodiac Signs

The Celtic astrology signs are based on the moon cycles and are divided into 13 lunar months. Each month has a tree, a letter of the Celtic alphabet, and a Celtic god assigned to it.

In the Druid culture, trees were sacred and thought to take on magical and spiritual qualities. The magical qualities of the tree come from the shamanic alphabet, the Ogham. Below is a description of each Celtic tree astrology sign.


The 13 Druid Astrology Signs

Birch Tree

December 24 – January 20

celtic zodiac birch

Celtic Birch tree people love to take chances and are highly motivated to achieve their goals. They are always reaching for higher goals to make their lives better. As the first of the Celtic symbols, they are natural-born leaders who know how to charm a crowd. They are most compatible with Vine and Willow trees.


Rowan Tree

January 21 – February 17

celtic-zodiac-rowanCeltic zodiac Rowan sign people are the philosophers and intellectuals. They have very passionate and creative minds and can change things around them for their benefit. They can be misunderstood, but others look to them for their unique views on life. These people are most compatible with Ivy and Hawthorn Druid signs.


Ash Tree

February 18 – March 17

celtic-zodiac-ashDruid zodiac Ash tree people are the artists. They use things they see in nature to inspire them to create masterpieces. They attract others to them and inspire many with their artistic talents. This tree people are very intuitive and can excel in writing, art, or science. They are most compatible with Reed and Willow signs.


Alder Tree

March 18 – April 14

celtic-zodiac-alderCeltic astrology Alder signs are very confident and will attract many friends. They can be advocates for a cause or project and lead the way for others to follow and support them. Alder people are very focused on the task at hand and find it very frustrating to waste time in any way. They are most compatible with Birch and Oak signs.

Willow Tree

April 15-May 12

celtic-zodiac-willowWillow tree astrology people are very intuitive. They have strong psychic abilities and can sense things that others cannot. They have more patience than most and have a talent for gathering vast amounts of information just from memory. These tree persons make great counselors and teachers. They are most compatible with Ivy and Birch signs.

Hawthorn Tree

May 13 – June 9

celtic-zodiac-hawthornHawthorne people are never what you expect them to be. They may look one way on the outside but seem very different once you get to know them. These people are great at adapting to the changes in life and have the ability to see the overall picture. They are compatible with Ash and Rowan signs.

Oak Tree

June 10 – July 7

celtic-zodiac-oakThose born under the Druid astrology Oak have enormous strength. They can handle and withstand things that others cannot. They are wise and have a positive outlook on life. These people usually enjoy large families. They are the people who will take up for less fortunate people. They are most compatible with Reed, Ash, and Ivy signs.

Holly Tree

July 8 – August 4

celtic-zodiac-hollyHolly tree sign people have a natural regal air about them. You will most likely find them in positions of power and authority. They use their energy to stay focused on achieving their goals. These people are generous, intelligent, and confident in their abilities. They are most compatible with Ash and Elder signs.

Hazel Tree

August 5 – September 1

celtic-zodiac-hazelCeltic horoscope Hazel sign people excel in academics. They are naturally intelligent and will be attracted to careers in teaching and writing. They have great memories and can repeat things with stunning accuracy. These people can be perfectionists who use this to excel in their careers. They are organized and helpful. They are most compatible with Hawthorne and Rowan signs.

Vine Tree

September 2 – 29

celtic-zodiac-vineVine tree zodiac people are unpredictable and changeable. They can see both signs of a situation and understand both sides equally. They are very poised and charming.

These people have very refined tastes and love to experience the finer things in life. They are most compatible with Willow and Hazel signs.

Ivy Tree

September 30 – October 27

celtic-zodiac-ivyIvy tree people are good communicators. They are very compassionate and are naturally giving. They make good friends and are positive people to be around. Ivy people have the strength to overcome most obstacles and they aim to reach goals that they’ve never achieved before.

These people are compatible with Oak and Ash signs.

Reed Tree

October 28 – November 24

celtic-zodiac-reedReed Celtic zodiac sign loves to discover the hidden truth of things. They love to search for the hidden cause of things and will investigate until they find the answer. Thus, they are good at making others feel comfortable enough to open up about themselves.

They can make good historians, journalists, or private investigators. They are compatible with Ash or Oak signs.

Elder Tree

November 25 – December 23

celtic-zodiac-elderElder tree people love their freedom and are often thrill chasers and seekers. They are extroverts who love to live life on the wild side. They love to be challenged mentally and thrive on constant change. Also, they are outspoken and speak their minds. They are compatible with Alder and Holly signs.

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