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7 Feng Shui Tips For Good Health

7 Feng Shui Tips For Good Health

Everyone is always looking for that perfect cure, the magic way to improve your health. However, the trick does not lie in medicines or magical remedies you can purchase online. It can be as easy as making simple changes in your living space, otherwise known as Feng Shui tips for good health, to quickly improve aspects of your health and well-being.


#1. Improve your breathing

Air quality is so important for your health. Nothing could be more basic than breathing. Unless you live in the forest, you most likely do not have enough plant life in your living space. However, breathing clean air is the foundation for your health.

So how do you do it? The fix is easy. Merely add plants to your décor. However, not just any plants will do. According to Palm plants are your best bet. Some of the best include areca palm, lady palm, bamboo palm, and dwarf date palm.

If you do not want your home to look like a palm paradise, add a few English ivy plants and Ficus alii. Go to your local nursery, and they should be able to assist you in locating these plants.


Green life is not the only way to improve your breathing. Add some essential oils, use air purifiers, and, if your allergies allow, open up the window and get some fresh air.

#2. Let there be light! Improve your energy

Our living environment directly affects the amount of energy we have. Who has not heard the saying that a little Vitamin D, just by going outside, is the perfect cure for a bad mood? Unless you can live outdoors, the majority of your time is spent on some form of artificial lighting.

Feng shui is about energy, and light provides energy. If you work out of your home or spend the majority of your day at home, let the light in. Open up the curtains and blinds, and add a little smart lighting to your space. That means something other than the normal fluorescent lighting.


The use of cool, white fluorescent lights is legally banned in Germany. Numerous studies have been published on just how negatively fluorescent light affects your health and well-being. Add some full-spectrum light to your space and look into some seasonal affective disorder and vitamin D artificial light sources.

Also, changing the colors of your walls by adding some bright colors to your space can assist as well. Add some yellow, bright orange, or light blue to your walls. Avoid dark colors like maroon, brown, and gray if at all possible. Whatever you do, make it bright!


Feng Shui Tips for Good Health

#3. Clear the clutter, clear the stress

Living in a space full of clutter adds nothing but negative energy. The reason for this is that the clutter all around you drains any energy you may have. Go through the piles of paperwork in your home office and clear the counters of dirty dishes.

Keeping up with your housework and maintaining a neat living space will do wonders for both your mood and your stress level. Experts suggest this is often the easiest and first step you can take in improving your health through Feng Shui.

#4. Improve your sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep can affect your health in many positive ways. We need to be rejuvenated every night. Just ask a sleep-deprived mother. It can be a battle getting through the day with a poor night’s sleep.

Your bedroom and the elements within it can make or break your chance for sleep. Be aware of the direction your bed faces. Feng shui recommends avoiding sleeping with your feet to the door, and avoid placing your bed with a door on either side of the bed.

The anxiety of doing this can simulate the experience of sleeping on a railroad track. Try closing your doors if possible, or ensure your bed is not near a doorway. They say large windows or big pictures, mirrors, or shelves at the head of your bed can increase anxiety.

Whether you realize it or not, your subconscious will be affected by the “what if these fall” anxiety. It might seem a bit paranoid, but these heavy or overpowering objects can have a much bigger effect on you than you think.

#5. Improve your sex life

Research ways to not only improve your bedroom to assist in better sleep but also to improve the quality of your sex life. Images can go a long way to help with this common problem. Make sure the pictures on your wall represent positive images, ones showing love, tenderness, and intimacy. Avoid ones showing conflict, storms, or emptiness.

Add a dimmer light switch and some candles to the bedroom to increase the intimacy level, as well. Bright light increases energy, but a dimmer setting with just enough light increases the energy for a little something else.

Symbols play a huge part in Feng Shui, and it is commonly known that placing a dragon object or symbol in your bedroom can increase your chance of conceiving.

Feng Shui Tips for Good Health

#6. Create a little positive energy

Clutter is not the only thing that can drain you of energy. If you find yourself constantly stubbing your toe on that ill-place coffee table or feel that your room is teeming over with too much furniture, the placement or amount of items in your room can bring you down.

Airflow is key. Set up your room, so there is a “flow” to the space. Move the couches closer together to add closeness to the talking space but also clear up space to move around the items. Pull your furniture away from walls even if just by a few inches. You would be surprised by the benefits.

#7. Lose some weight

Do not expect to quickly drop off the pounds, but the color of your kitchen can affect your hunger levels. If you look around at most restaurants, you will find more orange or earthy colors, and the reason for this is these colors are said to increase your hunger.

feng shui for good health

Add a little light blue to your kitchen, and it is said that this color will decrease your hunger levels. Blue can have a soothing effect and can create a calm, less intense space. Less stress decreases the desire to eat mindlessly, which can add to those pounds. However, avoid too much blue as this can be said to take away from the beauty and appeal of your food.

You might not experience miracles, but these simple changes to your living space can work wonders. Try all or just a few, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.

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