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Third House Astrology

The Third House Astrology : House Of Communication

In astrology there are twelve zodiac signs, but there are also twelve houses in which these signs can fall into, depending on what time of year/what year it is. These astrological houses each have a special focus in which a person’s zodiac sign will be drawn to when they are in a certain house. This article is all about the general effects on the third house.

The third house is commonly known as the house of communication or the house of intelligence or education. One type of intelligence is of course, social intelligence – knowing how to play well with others.

Communication is key in many aspects of life. Whether you are talking with family, friends or coworkers, it is important to know the best way to talk through a situation. When your star sign is in the third house, you may feel more inclined to communicate with others . You may feel like you are somehow much better at communicating than you were when your sign was in the last house.

3rd House : Personality Traits

One of the important parts about the communication element of the 3rd house astrology is that it is not only used just to talk to others. Intelligence plays a large part in the third house. Communicating with others is one of the best ways to share and spread your own thoughts and plans.

Teachers are one of the best examples of good communicators. If you have a teacher that doesn’t know how to communicate well, then the students are not going to learn much from that teacher. However, if a teacher knows what they are talking about, and if they know how to talk about the subject to their students, then the students are much more likely to learn something in that teacher’s class.

Education in general is also highly important when a person’s star sign is in the third house. If you are still in school or college, then this could be the time to put in a little extra study time. It could help greatly to improve your grades and your general knowledge. If you are already out of school, the it’s not too late to learn some new tricks! Take a public class or even learn a new language. Do whatever it takes to learn something new! It’s bound to improve your life in one way or another.

The 3rd house in astrology also has a little bit to do with traveling. You can learn something new from going to new places. You don’t even need to travel far to get this benefit from the third house. Even if you leave to go on a short road trip to visit some family members it can be beneficial. Of course, there is nothing wrong with going to a strange or exotic country either. You can always learn something new by going somewhere new. Even taking the long way home might teach you something new.

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Overall, the third house astrology is about all of the different types of intelligence that a person can have and the ways that they can spread their own knowledge or better learn from the knowledge that someone else already possesses. When your sign is in the third house go out of your way to learn something new. The more you learn, or the more you teach, the more enriched your life will be. Take advantage of this time and milk it for all it’s worth.

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