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Throat Chakra – Vishuddha Healing

Throat Chakra – Vishuddha

As the very name indicates, the Throat Chakra – Vishuddha is located on the larynx region of the throat. This chakra is all about expressing oneself and the kind of verbal behavior, which is displayed by an individual.


This chakra describes the growth of a person in terms of expression and communication. When a person is talking, the various nuances of how and when he is talking come under the purview of this Vishuddha chakra. Take the 7 chakra quiz to know more.

throat chakra vishuddha

Open Throat Chakra Meaning

If the Throat Chakra is in an open state after chakra healing, you are very expressive and communicate with others in a clear and specific manner. Others will find your way of speaking to be very pleasant, and this will naturally increase your popularity in your social circle.


Apart from these qualities, this state also turns you into a very good organizer, and you are generally quick at grasping situations, and then working around them in the best possible manner. All this makes you ideally suited to the corporate world.


You seem to have the much-desired quality of knowing just what to say at the right time. You have the desired power to implement changes, and your oratory skills will usually move others into action. In addition, you may express yourself as an artist, through the creative arts, such as dance, drama, painting, and so on.


Under Active Throat Chakra Meaning

However, on the flip side, if this Vishuddha chakra is underactive, it will turn you into an introvert, someone who has difficulty expressing himself or herself. You become a shy individual who is afraid to open up in front of people.

This pains you internally, but at the same time, you feel helpless and incapable of doing anything about it. It is not only a stage where your vocabulary is very limited, it is also one where you are dishonest, and do not essentially speak the truth. You are unable to accept your present situation and are not able to work around it for your benefit.

Over Active Throat Chakra Meaning

Matters turn worse in the overactive state of the Throat Chakra. In this state, you will speak a lot and often too much, so much so that others get tired of hearing you out. You are also a bad listener and tend to impose your viewpoints upon others. This may generate feelings of resentment. Read about blue color symbolism.

You are critical and sarcastic, and your subordinates do not appreciate you as a boss. Additionally, you keep people at a certain distance, which is well reflected by how you speak and behave. After all, trying to take control of other people’s lives is certainly not appreciated by others.

The first remedial measure you should self-exercise is to make a resolve to stay truthful in any and every given situation. You should also let your creativity have a free flow, and try to express yourself, even if you do not find the right words for it. Practice some chakra meditation to feel better.

Addiction certainly does not help the Throat Chakra, and you should stay away from these things completely. Lastly, always follow the golden rule of communication, and think before you speak. This will make you much better at expressing yourself and bring back your Midas touch again.

The Seven Chakras

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