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Neptune In 3rd House Meaning And Significance

Neptune in the Third House of the Natal Chart

3rd House Also Known As: House Of Communication

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Ruling Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Celebrities With Neptune In 3rd House: Kate Winslet, Stephen King, Muammar al-Gaddafi, Steven Seagal, Benedict Cumberbatch

Positive Keywords for Neptune In 3rd House: Idealistic, Creative, Psychic, Unreliable, Knowledgeable

Shadow Keywords for Neptune In 3rd House:


Neptune In Third House: Personality Traits

People in the third house love talking to others. But Neptune makes you especially scatterbrained when it comes to dealing with more important matters. While you enjoy socializing and learning new things, you hate dealing with the mundane details of everyday life. It’s something with which you continue to struggle as Gemini is your ruling zodiac sign.


Neptune is symbolic of idealism, creativity, unreliability, and intuition, all of which fit into your unique world view. You imagine a place where education is the highest priority and people love to pass down tradition and knowledge. That’s what you aspire to, and it drives all of your actions.

The neptune in third house

Neptune In 3rd House: Positive Traits

For a career, people with Neptune in the 3rd house want something that involves teaching, where you can impart wisdom and experience onto other people. And your enthusiasm is infectious, which is why people flock to you for fun and good conversation. You make life and the unknown seem exciting rather than scary or threatening, and you want to fill those voids with information.


Because you are so skilled at communicating your thoughts and ideas, people look to you to inform and inspire others to learn how to do the same. You are creative and engaging and everyone wants to be a part of the way you see the world.

Practice focusing on the smaller aspects of a discussion or project and write down everything you remember. You have to sharpen certain aspects of your memory if you want to function in reality. There is a way to dream big and make things happen in the real world. But it’s up to you to figure out how to manage that. Knowledge has always been your friend and always will be, so build upon it to set up a system that works for you.


Neptune In 3rd House: Negative Traits

But because you are such an idealist, you often have trouble handling your real-world affairs. Neptune in the 3rd house is always dreaming of different places and ideas, so much so that you rarely see what’s going on around you. You have your head in the clouds and you miss important details because of it.

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While you are great at seeing the bigger picture, you are unable to pick out all the little pieces that comprise it. You have a short attention span and get bored easily if the person talking or lecturing isn’t as fun and exciting as you are.



If you have Neptune in the third house, your mind and your interest need to be stimulated in a certain way, and it’s not always easy to find it. As a child, it was probably difficult for you to pay attention, and in adulthood, you hate having to deal with small problems and errands.


You don’t have the discipline to handle all of your responsibilities, which is why you tend to lean on your social circle for help in these matters. Luckily you have adoring friends and family who know just how you are.


Being interesting won’t always help you, though, and it’s up to you to find a way to deal with things on your own. Utilize your communication skills to figure out the best way for you to remember specific dates and times for meetings or events. If you’re a teacher of some sort, develop a routine you can follow without getting bored. This will come in handy for other careers as well, for you have to be able to follow a schedule in most jobs.

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