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Moon In 3rd House Meaning And Significance

Moon in the Third House of the Natal Chart

What does Moon in the 3rd house mean? Your excellent skills in communicating with people can prove to be a boon and a bane.

3rd House Also Known As: House Of Communication

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Ruling Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Moon In 3rd House Celebrities: Adolf Hitler, Dalai Lama, Elvis Presley, Napoleon I, Heath Ledger

Positive Keywords for Moon in 3rd House: Curious, Responsive, Interactive, Intellectual, Rational

Shadow Keywords for Moon in 3rd House: Nervous, Restless, Unpredictable, Overemotional


Moon In Third House: Personality Traits

There are two different sides to your personality with the Moon in the 3rd house – you’re either intellectual and rational, or you’re emotional and unpredictable. Sometimes you can keep your feelings in check, while other times you let them rule your world. Finding a balance can be difficult for people born in this astrological house with Gemini as the ruling zodiac sign.


Your strongest asset is your ability to communicate. It’s important to remember this when trying to convey both logical solutions and emotional outbursts. Your tendency to change moods can be confusing to some. And, it’s hard for others to keep up with your shifting thoughts and feelings.


Sometimes, even you can get tangled up in your ideas and become confused with what you are trying to convey. Try slowing down at times so you can focus on what you want to say and stick with that thought process until its practical conclusion.

The Moon In 3rd House

Moon In 3rd House: Positive Traits

Because you’re such a social butterfly, the moon in third house personality, love listening to people talk about concepts that you’re not familiar with to increase your vast wealth of knowledge.


You are so attuned to everyone else’s thoughts and desires that you don’t realize how much of their personality you pick up and incorporate into your own. But this is also why you’re so comfortable talking to people, even strangers because nothing is off limits when it comes to discussing new concepts. (know more about planets in houses here)

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You encourage people to speak their mind because you want to do the same thing. This allows you to be open and honest about your feelings and might help others to understand where you’re coming from.

And once they have that understanding, it’ll be easier to exchange your ideas, and that flow of information will help you to feel better about yourself. This will give you more confidence to learn all sides of an issue and form your own opinion on the subject. (find your moon sign to understand yourself better).


Moon In 3rd House: Negative Traits

The moon in third house astrology predicts that you tend to let your emotions get the better of you, especially when you’re excited about a new idea or concept. It takes some time to find that balance between your heart and your head, but that will happen as you get older and gain more experience.


Other times it can be difficult to discern your thoughts and feelings from other people since you are so open-minded and want to hear about what everyone else is doing. (See what the moon symbolizes).


People with the moon in the 3rd house tend to adopt different viewpoints too easily before hearing all sides of the argument since their enthusiasm often gets the better of them. You’re so excited to learn new things that you rush in forming an opinion to be able to discuss it further. And because you can’t focus on one thing for too long, you tend to switch gears and start talking about something else before you have fully explored the new topic.


That’s why it appears as if you know a lot about a subject but only to a point. Then you adopt the point of view of those around you. This isn’t a conscious thing, but it is something to be aware of when someone tries to call you out on not having your own opinion. Even you don’t sometimes realize that when you’re deciding with your gut, it’s influenced by many different people’s views and opinions.

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