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Goal Getting with Tarot

Tarot and Goal Setting

Goal setting with Tarot is easy enough. I’ll wager you’ve made a bunch of New Year’s resolutions in your life. Some of them, the ones you cared deeply about, you kept.

You’re easily side-tracked away from goals you don’t care about. Keeping your goals dead-center in your consciousness is the aim. Unfortunately, because you’ll need to change your behavior, working towards your goals is uncomfortable. This means that you’ll grab any little excuse to stop working towards a goal. My favorite excuse for not working on my novel is: ‘I don’t have time.’ What? I don’t even have ten minutes a day? However, there is a solution, and it’s this: Get excited!


The key to goal-getting is your heart, not your mind

We work towards the goals we want to achieve if we have a clear picture of our minds’ results and if we’re enthused about the goal. Stop being enthused, and you may as well stop working on your goal because it isn’t going to happen.


Remember this mantra: I’m excited about ____! (Fill the blank with your goal.)

As you work towards a goal, repeat your mantra often throughout the day. This helps you to keep the focus on your goal.

Tarot cards are great helpers for achieving goals. They tell us where we’re doing well, and they tell us when we’re off-track.


Your tarot cards can keep you on track to a goal

You can work on as many goals as you want to, but I recommend that you initially focus on the single most important goal you want to achieve. It could be getting fit, getting the job you want, improving a relationship, or anything else that’s important to you.

Each little step you take towards a goal gives you confidence. Therefore, if you’re making good progress, after a month, you could add another goal.


Choose a card that represents your goal

With the deck faces up, go through the cards until you find the cathartic clear pictures of the goal you want to achieve. If you know the cards’ traditional meanings, forget them for the moment: look for an image that says: “My goal!” to you.

Found one? Good. If possible, take this card with you. Prop it on your desk at work; prop it on your coffee table or dressing table at home. If this isn’t possible, keep the card in your pocketbook or with your paper organizer. You need to keep the card handy to take it out during the day and repeat your mantra as you look at the card.

Your card is your visualization anchor. To achieve your goal, you must be able to imagine yourself as having succeeded in achieving your goal. How will your life be then? How will you feel? Or how will the people in your life react to you?

Visualization is easy for some people, but more difficult for others because they respond to different cues. Your cues may be auditory, rather than visual, for example.

Visualize in a way that works for you. If you don’t see clear pictures in your mind, that’s fine. Just visualize having achieved your goal at least three times each day.

Today’s helper, today’s challenge

Each day, select two cards from the deck face down. (With your goal card removed from the deck. Put your goal card face up in front of you.) These cards will tell you what will help you work towards your goal today and what will hinder you.

Let’s say that you’ve chosen the 9 of Pentacles from the Universal Waite deck as the carthatch represents your goal.

Shuffle the remaining cards face down. When you feel ready, take two cards from the deck. Put the helper card to the left of your goal card, and the challenge card to the right. Turn the two cards over.

Look at the three cards. What do they suggest to you? Make some notes in your journal. Take all three cards with you.

Journal, journal, journal

Keep a Goals journal. We’ll cover journals in a few weeks. Journals are indispensable for all sorts of reasons, even if you never reread your journal.

tarot goals

Remember making notes at school? Making notes anchors the information in your body and mind, so I can’t recommend keeping a Goals Journal highly enough. If you’re worried that someone else will read your journal, keep it on your computer in a password-protected file. You can even have a disposable journal: write it down, then burn the paper. Whatever. But write it down. It helps.

Got a Goal Setting Tip?

Please let me know how this process works for you. If, as you work on achieving your goals, you discover something new and would like to share it, let me know, and I’ll post your tip on the site.

Happy goal setting!

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