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Eleventh House Astrology

The Eleventh House Astrology : House Of Friendship

Just like there are twelve unique zodiac signs, there are also twelve unique astrological houses. Just like each sign has their own special sets of traits and general values, each one of the houses in astrology has their own special focus. The zodiac signs are all affected by each of the twelve houses in the same general way.

Although each sign’s reactions to the different houses will be slightly different from the other sun sign’s reactions they will all have the same general reaction. When the star signs are in the eleventh house they will be most affected by their friends and relationships, as the eleventh house’s focus is friendship.

Many of the astrological houses have a lot to do with communication and how we relate to other people. Social skills are highly important in everyone’s life. One great thing about the astrological houses is that no matter what your sign is, or what house your sign is in, all of the houses encourage us to be better people one way or another.

These houses encourage us to always keep improving ourselves. In a way, our friends and the relationships that we have with them can impact us deeply. Some friends can add to our personalities and make us feel more like ourselves.

Sadly, some friends can also be bad for us; they can teach us bad habits or just generally leave us feeling drained after being with them. No matter if you friend is good or bad, you are bound to take on some of their personality traits and incorporate them into your own character. Because of this, you need to make sure that you are making friends who will help you to improve yourself, rather than bring you down.

11th House : Personality Traits

When we are in the eleventh house we may feel more inclined to make friends that are good for us and dump the friends who are making us feel poorly about ourselves. Go with your gut instinct when it comes to this sort of thing. A person’s intuition is a powerful thing. If you feel like a friend isn’t good for you, then cut them loose. If you think that a friend can help you improve your life, then find ways to spend more time with them.

Our friends can also help us at work and with our hobbies as well. If you have friends in higher positions at work than you, then you could use that relationship to snag yourself a promotion. Friends make for great connections when it comes to finding jobs or advancing in a career. Treat your friends well and they just might return the favor. In the same way, if your friend needs some help at work, try to put in a good word for them. Be a reference on their resume if you can. Do what you can to help your friend advance. You know that they would do the same for you.

The 11th house astrology says that never stop trying to make new friends! It may seem like your group of friends is complete, but you can never have too many friends. While this may seem a bit silly, many people are slow to include others in their groups. Everyone has been the new kid at some point in their lives. It’s not a good feeling; people want to be included.

If someone new starts working with you, invite them to join you for lunch. If you join a new group, don’t be shy. Put your best foot forward and act as confident as possible. People like other charismatic people. Talking to strangers may be a bad idea while you are a child, but when you are an adult it’s a great way to advance. Meeting new people can open new doorways for you.

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No matter who your friends are, or at the rate that you make new friends, you can be sure that the eleventh house can guide you during this time.

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