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8 Ways To Enjoy Being Single

What’s Good About Being Single?

So you are still single or you have suddenly become single. Celebrate! You see our society places so much emphasis on being with someone, as a couple and ultimately married. But look at it another way, many people are only in a relationship because they feel peer pressure, because they are scared of being a sole entity, managing on their own.

Being SingleHow about looking at “singledom” another way! It is an incredible sense of freedom, of living your life exactly the way you want it to be, free of peer and parental and family pressures.

You can do what you want, when you want 24/7 and in our non-stop cities that is actually possible.


So let’s explore all the great ways you can celebrate and enjoy being single, whether it’s a new way of looking at your life or if you find yourself single for the first time in ages.

Yes, there is no doubt about, it requires a lot  more strength of character and inner resilience and that’s why you should feel like a winner in life!

But let’s look at some fun, practical ways you can relish being single in everyday life:

Tips To Enjoy Life As A Single

#1. Exercise

Yes, that's right being single means you CAN fit exercise into each and every day.

Yes, that’s right being single means you CAN fit exercise into each and every day. You don’t have all the trappings you would have in a couple or family. Make exercise a priority in your day and you, your body and your mind will thank you for it!


#2. Set  Goals

Set yourself objectives, tasks you want to complete each day. Then make sure you reward yourself with a treat. A great example is to go to one of those chocolate specialty shops like Max Brenner. Sit for half and hour sipping that decadent hot chocolate as you watch the world go by you.


#3. Explore

Pretend to be a stranger in your own city. Go off one day and be a tourist, like you do when you are traveling. You will inevitably feel very different about your city, especially if you take your camera and behave like a real sightseer! It stops you from taking your city for granted. Also it will help keep up to date with new developments (art installations, tourist attractions). You also capture your city in all weathers which can really make a difference to the images you capture.


I am single and live in one of the most popular, international tourist cities in the world. Every other month myself and a mate pretend to be tourists in our own Sydney city:-). We go off for the day to a designated part of the city, a local beach or even just down town and take photos as if we were on holidays overseas. It is real fun escapism for a day and being a local you know some pretty cool views and places to take excellent tourist snaps!

#4. Love Yourself

Dedicate a day to staying in,Dedicate a day to staying in, appreciating your own company in solitude and just watching movies all day or alternatively reading your favorite novels you never get time to read. This is a really healthy, chilled out, old fashioned activity. You will be astonished at how it relaxes you and slows down your usual hectic, modern day pace. Your mind and body needs this.

Supplement these activities with a dedicated big home cooked healthy meal (A beef stir fry with lots of veggies or a delicious Spaghetti Bolognese with all the extra mushroom, tomato and onion) and healthy smaller meals throughout the day. Drink lots of water and make sure you have an early to bed night. After this day your body, mind and soul will feel so refreshed I can assure you!

#5. Practice Mindfulness

Instead of staying in, go to a favorite beach, one away from the maddening, bustling crowds. Walk along the beach, practicing mindfulness as you slow your pace.

Take the time to observe the surroundings, the waves breaking on the shore, the foam of the fiercer incoming waves, the sea gulls as they fly overhead. Listen to each and every sound. Gently allow your mind to wander. Try not to think of lots of things but if a thought or idea comes into your mind, register it and then decide to let it go or if you want to reflect on it, spend a quite moment contemplating the issue.

I can’t list how many situations and university assignments I have sorted out when in this state, walking along a beautiful stretch of unpopulated beach. It doesn’t have to be summer either. Often a windy, wintry beach can be every bit as inspiring and invigorating!

Watching any kind of water is also therapeutic since it reminds you that although the water changes in ferocity and over the seasons, it fundamentally stays the same. In the same way, despite issues or life problems you are facing now, many of those will just like the sea pass and you will continue as always. I find that helps me a lot in tough times!

You feel alive as you slowly walk along the beach. Sure, you can walk quickly if you like but there is something about walking slower and deliberately. You are more in the moment, more focused but relaxed, more at peace and it is a wonderful feeling compared to rushing at power walking speed for your “relaxation”. I know the difference since I also power walk other times when I want to get myself a harder workout.

#6. Enjoy With Friends

Catch up with friends, make solid arrangements and keep to them. When you are single, friendships, just normal platonic friendships are more important than when you are in a couple. Your friends when you get older often take the place of family members even siblings, especially if you are living countries apart like many of us are from our brothers and sisters. A great idea is to have regular ongoing movie night, say mid-week to overcome the mid-week hump:-)

#7. Music

Play music for company and to manage your mood. Play music for company and to manage your mood. When you are single you tend to be on your own a lot. This means you may well be more prone to loneliness or moods. You don’t have that companion switching you quickly to another mood. Besides music is a wonderful way of managing stress and life in general. Compile your own playlists and play them at home or when you are out exercising, creating different playlists for different moods (chilled, housecleaning, up-tempo/cheerful, soulful and whatever other moods you want to create playlists for).

#8. Get A Pet!

Many single people get a pet. Many single people get a pet. There are many reasons for this. The first is companionship. The other reasons are to meet someone since dog lovers tend to love to chat about their dogs. Also recent scientific studies have shown that people are often cheered by pets and in the case of the elderly the pet can be a lifesaver literally and also prevent some brain deterioration (Onset of Alzheimer’s). Besides there is something lovely about giving that cat or dog its walk every day, its food and patting it and receiving unending affection back from it.

So are you convinced that there are LOTS of things to relish, to enjoy when you are single? I certainly hope so! See your situation as a philosophical one, which many people are in for one way or the other. You are strong to be a single person and survive, give yourself regular treats to remind yourself of this.

One final note if you have time try and do some charity or volunteer work. As a single person you will often have more time at your disposal and not be weighed down with family responsibilities which leave many couples exhausted if they are both working. Giving back to the community as a single person can also increase your own sense of belonging. This is because giving to a community and working in teams to improve someone’s life or to champion a health cause gives you a feeling of happiness.

Finally, remember always when you are single you may not realize it but often it is a blessing in disguise. See it as a positive and don’t feel the need to explain your situation to anyone. They have not walked in your shoes or seen the world through your eyes:-).

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