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Year Of The Horse

Year Of The Horse – Chinese Zodiac

The Year Of The Horse comes seventh in the Chinese lunar cycle.

People born in the Chinese horse year are said to be beautiful and good looking.

They are also known for their hard work and charming manner.

This Year of the Horse is further influenced by the five elements namely Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth.


Year Of The Horse : Dates

The actual dates of Year of Horse influenced by the various Chinese zodiac elements based on the Lunar calendar are:

Year of Metal Horse:

30 January 1930 – 16 February 1931
27 January 1990 – 14 February 1991

Year of Water Horse:

15 February 1942 – 4 February 1943
12 February 2002 – 31 January 2003

Year of Wood Horse:

3 February 1954 – 23 February 1955
31 January 2015 – 18 February 2016

Year of Fire Horse:

21 January 1966 – 8 February 1967
17 February 2026 – 5 February 2027

Year of Earth Horse:

7 February 1978 – 27 January 1979
4 February 2038 – 23 January 2039


Year Of The Horse : Personality Traits

People born in the Year of the Horse by their incessant plans to be better, represent the basic character of the Chinese populace. Horse is a competent, lively, affectionate, brilliant and clever animal sign.

Year Of The Horse : Positive Traits

Year of the Horse people are very resourceful at communication with other people and like to be in the limelight always in a gathering. They like parties, concerts and social gatherings. They like to be in a business enterprise. They are endowed with intelligence, wit, and kindness, and tend to be highly expressive verbally.

By nature, Horse personality are jovial, practical, gifted, sensitive and determined. They are admired by friends and enjoy the company of huge gatherings. Horses are dynamic people, and do not accept failure.


Year Of The Horse : Negative Traits

Year of the Horse personalities are ostentatious and extravagant by nature. They lack planning in matters of money. They cannot concentrate on a single project, and fail to successfully complete their tasks. In their profession, they like to be associated with attractive people. Horses may not be genuinely interested in their jobs.

The Chinese Horse individuals can be arrogant and intolerant, and do not like too many restrictions. They are not open to the suggestions of others, and act on their own. They have a great deal of stamina. They are short tempered, and get depressed if they fail to achieve their objectives. Horses are somewhat selfish and crafty.

Influence of Elements

Characteristics of Year of the Horse Animal Sign are altered by the elements.


Metal Horse

Metal Horses are made more self sufficient because of the influence of this element. They are more committed to romance than their jobs. They live for the day and are not bothered about their monetary position. They are spendthrifts. When they want money, their capability assures them a ready job. They love to travel and perform, and become good stage artists. They attract companions by their openness and sincerity.

Water Horse

Water Horses are unpredictable, compliant, and constantly change their ideas. They are highly vacillating, careful and indifferent. They are pleased to party and involve themselves in spreading rumors. They change their groups often, depending on their frame of mind. They enjoy water sports specially. These Year of the Horse people are not suitable as life partners as they are not interested in household duties. They tend to postpone them indefinitely.

Wood Horses

Wood Horses are more committed to their jobs and partners in love. They are more predictable and prepare for long term projects in a systematic way. They tend to finish their jobs, and at the same time are open to changes. They are also more decisive and make vital assessments. They are likely to visit extremely interesting places on holidays.

Fire Horse

Fire Horses are irritable and look for really wild excitement. In the process, they may have to suffer more. They are prone to speculate and end up with large gains or losses depending on their luck. In matters of love, they are exceedingly passionate, and change their mates often. Regular fights will entertain them and give them publicity. They have thrilling and turbulent activity in both romance and commerce all throughout their lives.

Earth Horses

Earth Horses are more practical and stable than other horses. They make decisions after weighing the pros and cons, and are less indecisive. Those born in this Year of the Horse are not ruffled by changes in the last minute. In love, they look for long and strong relationships. Their mates should be ready for long journeys if they want harmony. They want to be secure financially in the long run.

Year Of The Horse : Health

People born in the Year of the Horse are optimistic, and hence are gifted with good physical condition. They cannot take up strenuous jobs. They should avoid hard work and late night revelry.

Year Of The Horse : Career

Horses like crowds, and want appreciation and flattery from them. They are good communicators and excellent managers. They cannot take instructions from others. They want to show off and dislike solitude. Year of the Horse people will be good as performers, journalists, tour conductors, airline pilots, professors and sales managers.

Year Of The Horse : Love

Year of the Horse people are congenial and hilarious, and will keep others highly relaxed immediately in their interactions with people. They are friendly, agreeable and nice people to deal with. They can read your mind, and hold your attention by good humor. Horses have a large group of friends who are their admirers.

Year Of The Horse : Luck & Compatibility

  • Highly Compatible with Tiger, Dog or Sheep
  • Should Avoid Ox, Horse, Rabbit or Rat
  • Lucky Colors: Red, Green, Purple
  • Unlucky Colors: White, Gold, Blue
  • Lucky Numbers: 3, 4, 9
  • Unlucky Numbers: 1, 5, 6
  • Lucky Flowers: Jasmine, Marigold, Calla Lily
  • Lucky Directions: Southwest, Northwest, Northeast

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