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Eighth House Astrology

The Eighth House Astrology: House Of Longevity

In astrology, there are twelve houses, each with their focus on different things. All of the twelve zodiac signs are affected by these houses in different unique ways, but they are all generally affected in the same way. No matter what sign is in the eighth house, their life is bound to be more affected than anything else.

This doesn’t mean that they’ll be passionate all day or that it’ll always be on their mind. It’s just that sex is more likely to have a bigger impact on their life than it would if their sign was in a different sun sign. While the eighth house’s focus is on love, that’s not all that it affects. Generally, large choices and changes will occur during this time if your sign is in the eighth house.

Let’s begin by talking about the main focus of the eighth house. Even if you don’t have sex every day, it is a normal part of life. It is one of the most important parts of continuing life. Of course, it is what ultimately makes a new human life, but there is more to passion than just making a new life.

8th House: Personality Traits

The eighth house in astrology shows that the way that different people, regardless of their signs, look at sex has a lot to do with their upbringing and past relationships. If you grew up in a very conservative household, then you are much more likely to view love as being a gross or sinful thing.

Just as well, if you’ve had partners who were poor in the bedroom, then you’re not likely to like it as much as someone who has only had exciting partners. While the eighth house can’t change how you feel about sex, it can act on how you feel about it.

If you are currently having passionate on some regular basis, then the eighth house is likely to affect the physical aspect of your life more than any other. You may find yourself wanting or having more! However, it is more likely that your private life will cause changes in your relationships.

Don’t cheat on your partner or else your relationship with them is bound to fail. If you are having a casual fling, then you might begin to have a more committed relationship with that person. If you have a monogamous relationship, then your love life might become more exciting, or you may have a baby. Who knows? All things are possible in the eighth house.

If you are a virgin, then this might change. Of course, there might be different relationship changes in your life as well. You could enter into a new relationship, lose the one you have.

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The eighth house in astrology isn’t all about passion though. During this time you are bound to see all sorts of changes in your life. From relationship changes to economic changes. It is best to go with the flow when changes happen and to make the best of these changes. These changes will affect your sign even as you enter into other houses, so make sure that you do your best to get along with your ever-changing world.

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