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Social Media For Healthy Living

Why Social Media Can Be Fun?

Social media can be fun in small doses. Globally, social media has become one of the most popular things since sliced bread! But what is it about this type of communication or messaging that appeal to every culture, to every age group, to every socio-economic group? Perhaps it is the universal nature of it, perhaps it is easy to do, and perhaps it is cool!

Whatever the case scientific research is coming to the party and the news is that you need to participate in social media in small dosages! Let’s explore how we can do that!

I think we can all agree that social media can be fun, informative and relaxing, it is kind of no-brainer activity, unless of course you are like me who as a researcher likes to keep my friends informed on everything and anything (poor things!). Actually no, they love my posts for that reason and I often get asked where on earth did you find that post or that article? To me Facebook is a kind of social newspaper researched by yours truly and written by yours truly.

Okay, I know nearly everyone else is doing selfies on graduating, on Friday night drinks. Somehow I am just not into that aspect except of course when I am traveling overseas. Then I get a bit keen on Facebook posting. Here I am in Hawaii, in London, in Vienna instead of my home town.

social-mediaAs for the big nights out well as I get older they are less. Also call me strange but I have a lot of respect for my friends, relatives and associates when it comes to their privacy. That means I won’t post without their permission or if they and I feel comfortable.

So, how do we participate in social media in small doses?

How Much Of Social Media Is Healthy?

Here are a few of my own tips that help me (as a potential social media addict!):

#1. Establish set times of day when you check your social media sites and when you post too. Also keep an eye on the clock as you do so. Go in for say 20 minutes to half an hour and then go back out.

#2. Try and keep your Facebook checking, writing, posting and such like to less than an hour a day in total.

#3. For other social media sites perhaps check every other day. Alternatively check them on the way to and from work. That way you are expending any special time doing social media updates or checking. You can get apps that will read out your social media message so that you can listen in the car and not be distracted by viewing your smart phone screen! Naughty! In many countries this is not only dangerous but downright illegal.

#4. Think more about what you are going to say on each social media platform BEFORE you actually reply or post. So often we all do the reactive thing and end up spending too much time on something that really only warranted a “Like” or maybe a re-Share.

#5. Remember what goes on social media sites is incredibly public. This should help reduce how much you share, write and post on social media sites. Never put pictures, posts or anything that you would not want your family or boss to see!

#6. Try and retain a sense of perspective. Keep doing the things that you always did before social media. Don’t let it overtake your life.

#7. To reduce the time you spend on social media, download apps that help you post quicker, read posts quicker. Generally speaking, you can use your smart phone or tablet apps on the way to and from places such as college, work, and social activities. This way you are only spending time on social media in your transit times, not when you could be out and about, socializing with others face to face, the original and still the most special forms of communication.

Now it’s time for me to check my Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace and Google+ accounts!

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