Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Tarot Meditation For The Star Upright

Associated Colors:

Green for emotional and physical healing, rebirth

Meditation For The Star – Upright

The last few meditations have taken us through a dark path in the Tarot. Through the machinations of the unseen Devil, the trials and tribulations of the Tower, we have found our way out of the darkness to the realm of Hope. Upon the cloth of green, with the candle at its summit, and place the Star card upright in front of you.

Allow feelings of hope, health, and recovery to form about you as you drift into the tarot meditation on the Star. Let feelings of the challenges of the past, the damage done from the path you walk slip off like scabs from a freshly healed wound.

As you come to, you will find yourself walking down a dark hallway, a light is at the end of the tunnel, and not far ahead.

Allow feelings of hope, health, and recovery to form about you as you drift into the tarot meditation on the Star.The dark has been your constant companion for a long time now, there in the cloying black you had lost all hope. The cold stripped away your feeling, the lack of light left you blind, and it did not take long before you found yourself wondering if there was ever going to be light again.

As you close upon the doorway, you feel a gust, an unfamiliar sensation… Warmth.. It’s warmth, the light ahead becomes more distinct, and it becomes the unmistakable subtle yellow of the sun.

You cannot remember the last time you saw light, let alone the bright natural warmth of day. You continue working your way down the tunnel, and see that the ground beneath you is dry, and the bare stone is speckled with some kind of grit.

Dirt, you realize, and a glint of color on the ground amidst the dust. A flower petal! The air freshens with a stronger breeze, the air carrying hints and promises of a warm spring day.

Is it possible that you’re finally coming out? You think back on all that you’ve been through, and what it feels like to have actual hope again. How does it feel?

The air warms further, and sensation begins to return to your skin with the slight burning-tingling sensation of cold flesh being warmed. It’s not entirely pleasant, but what it heralds is a relief long unremembered.

Your eyes are adjusting to the light, and you begin to pick out details from the terrain outside. What do you see there? What drives you forward and aids your healing heart?

When you finally reach the tunnel’s end, you stand there, taking in the sun and the fresh air. You can see before you a wild natural open expanse promising you the freedom to hope, dream, and grow as you choose.

It is finally over, those terrible times have past. Glory in this space for a moment, take the light into yourself, and think on the feelings and sensations that run through you.

Come out of the Star tarot meditation, taking these feelings with you. It’s a new day, with a new future, what are you going to do to make the most of it?

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