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Dating A Leo Man

Dating A Leo Man: Overview

You are in for a real treat dating the Leo man, for he will bring you on the ride of a lifetime. Bold, fun, and daring, it is never a dull moment with this man. As the fearless lion, he rules his pride with confidence and never settles in life.

If you’re interested in the Leo male you will have to attract his attention. He is always surrounded by friends and admirers and you will have to fight to catch his eye. But a flirtatious wink or wry smile will peak his interest, and he will approach you with the confidence of the most popular man in the room.

Strike up a conversation full of witty repartee and lively banter and he will be hooked for the rest of the night. Definitely let him lead the discussion though, for he’s used to directing the flow of things.

leo manAnd he’ll come up with an unusual first date idea that may start your head reeling. Try and keep up with his active lifestyle, and be sure to compliment him on his great choices and athletic nature. You do not need many dating tips to keep up with a man of the Leo zodiac sign.

The Leo guy be putty in your hands and will want to know more about you. For even though you have to constantly strike his ego, he will be just as generous to you in return.

Leo Man In Relationships

But you’ll have to work hard to keep his interest, for he has many friends and family who take up his time. Get creative with some date ideas of your own, such as competitive sports or salsa dancing, and he’ll appreciate your imagination and zest for life.

The Leo male is bigger than life itself and it takes a strong woman to stalk the plains with him. Don’t always let him win in games or arguments, even though he’ll want to, because he’ll lose all respect for you.

He appreciates a woman who speaks her mind, so be open and honest about your thoughts and feelings. He can handle a lot and will take on anything you need to make life easier. Love compatibility with Leo men can be difficult at times.

Just don’t get in the way of his career path, for he is driven and ambitious and is always looking for ways to gain power. Men of this astrology sign do not think twice about breaking up.

Leo Man & Sex

And the Leo man brings this kind of intensity into the bedroom also, so don’t be alarmed if he pushes you against the wall or grabs your wrists during a moment of passion. He is fiery and exciting, and his lovemaking matches his grand personality.

Try and match his energy stroke for stroke, for he will bring you to a wild climax. His lust is untamed, and the sex may be overbearing for some women.

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Try to tell him gently to tone down the intensity, for you may damage his ego if he thinks you’re not having a good time. And be sure to express your ecstasy and enjoyment of the lovemaking for the same reason.


While it may take some work to be in a relationship with a Leo man, the rewards are great. He is a steady partner who is usually powerful and successful, so you’ll never have to worry about maintaining a comfortable lifestyle.

And he is fiercely loyal and protective of those he loves, so infidelity is never a concern. And if you commit as much to him as he does to you, he will make a stable husband and father. Your life will never be the same again.

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